2023: On Abacha and Atiku’s train 

Former vice president and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for the 2023 presidential election, Atiku Abubakar, is undoubtedly a force to reckon with. This is the third time he is contesting for Nigeria’s presidency and it is certain that this time around, he will win.

In the previous contests, he was able to garner millions of votes that spread evenly across the country. This shows his acceptability by people of all geopolitical regions of Nigeria.

Compared to all his opponents in the presidential contest, the PDP candidate, Atiku, is better off in terms of political experience, as in the areas of physical strength and intellectual capacity. Talk of connections, political manpower, talk of knowing and understanding this country, including her problems, Atiku is the candidate to beat. In terms of even vying for the position, the PDP candidate has the edge. 

Atiku has been vice president for two terms in the Olusegun Obasanjo administration for eight year-term. Therefore, he has got the necessary tutelage that equips him better than all his co-contestants for Nigeria’s Aso Rock Villa.

What remains for Atiku is to settle the impasse in Kano PDP governorship ticket that involves Mohammed Abacha and other contestants. Atiku should use his good offices to make sure Abacha gets the ticket.

Abacha and Atiku are a good combination for Kano and Nigeria, respectively. Everybody knows that Kano is one of the swing states in Nigeria’s general elections. The popularity and acceptability of Abacha by youths is a potential that Atiku should tap from. So we, the youths, call on Atiku to make sure that Abacha gets the PDP  ticket for the Kano governorship election in the 2023 general elections.  

There is no gainsaying that youths are the movers of the society, therefore, letting Abacha get the ticket he had painstakingly won in the PDP governorship primaries is important for Atiku’s victory at the polls in 2023.

The young Abacha is one popular politician that stakeholders and political gladiators in the state have tipped to take over the rein of leadership from Governor Umar Ganduje, who is now about to complete his eight-year tenure.

It is an incontestable fact that Abacha is one of the most powerful and influential opposition politicians who is favoured to take Kano in the 2023 general elections. He is well known across all the 44 local government areas of the state. The name, Abacha, is familiar to stakeholders in Kano. Fortunately for him, he is loved by all Kano people, especially by the youth.

Abacha has been endowed with uncommon  shrewdness in both business and politics to deal with global governance trends.

The success he reaps in his personal business is an eloquent testament to his ability to pull Kano to greater heights.

Going by this, we call on Atiku not to ignore the valuable political asset in Abacha’s candidacy. Abacha understands the political terrain of Kano and the impacts of good leadership on the people. He is the right man with critical understanding of political developments currently ongoing in Kano state. Therefore, the PDP  should let Abacha fly its flag, so that the duo, presidential aspirant, Atiku and Kano governorship aspirant, Abacha, can take Nigeria and Kano, respectively in the 2023 general elections.

This time around, the people of Kano know what they want and will go for Abacha. We find solace in the fact that the trend in voting at present depends on both individual and the political party under whose umbrella a candidate runs.

Among the opposition candidates for Kano governorship election, Abacha stands a better chance to take power from the ruling APC. The young Abacha has carved a niche for himself as an influential politician to reckon with in Kano because of his humility and political principle defined by his humanity and global best practice.

Therefore,  supporting Abacha’s aspiration is a collective responsibility by Atiku, party and all Kano. Power brokers in the state are already convinced to give their support to Abacha in 2023 because of his vast political and business experiences.

If the coalition of Kano youths could  prevail on him to run for the number one office in the state, then there is something they had seen in him to make him stand out among various candidates in the state.

We, the youth, call on Atiku to clear those who are standing between Abacha and his aspiration. Do you want a society where the few decide the destinies of the majority, which invariably goes with dire consequences?

Kano’s PDP heavy weights  should sheath their swords and return to the drawing board.  Abacha’s aspiration to govern Kano cannot be suppressed any more than an ocean current can hide a lifebuoy below its current.

We, Kano youths, call on all stakeholders to clear the way for Abacha to unleash his leadership qualities and potentials on the ancient city and even beyond.

If we are searching for visionary leaders that can turn around the fortunes of the state, let us rally round Abacha. He is endowed with the magic wand to thrust Kano to prosperity through his vast experience in business, politics and world affairs.

By the foregoing, Abacha is the only  governorship candidate of the PDP that can guarantee victory for Atiku in 2023.

Sani, member Atiku/Abacha Support Group, writes from Kano

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