2023: Only youth inclusion, stakeholders’ engagement will guarantee peaceful polls – Jarrouje

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A socio-political commentator, Mr. Charbel Olusanya Jarrouje, has stressed the need for enhanced youth inclusion and stakeholders’ engagement as a panacea for successful general elections in Nigeria come 2023.

Mr. Jarrouje who spoke to Blueprint in Abuja also underscored the importance of robust sensitisation using various youth-friendly dispositions in a bid to forestall violence.

He said already plans have been concluded to harmonise different political parties and organise a National football championship which will be staged inside Moshood Abiola National stadium Abuja in the coming weeks.

Jarrouje, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Twenty Bucks Creative, a media outfit said, “Sports has always been a unifier, from all aspects of the human race, from the rich, poor, black, white and no matter the culture you come from. But unfortunately, our politicians have failed to understand or failed to use the right medium to unify the people of Nigeria.

“But now is the right time to unite our people because the rate of violence has increased in the past month due to the electioneering campaigns.

“For God’s sake, even the Peace accord isn’t working at the moment and I can give my opinion on why I feel it is not effective… Who fights the war? “Young people” “the youths” not the old rich men.

“In other for this to work, we have to involve the youth and that’s why we are working on signing a Peace Declaration that all the National Youth Leaders of the Political parties, Youth representatives e.t.c would be part of the signing. I believe this would help change the mindset of the youth who are all been used as a tool to perpetuate violence.

“As we all know, our people ‘don’ open eyes and mouths. People now know what they need and want. Nigerians of two years ago are no longer the Nigerians of today. We are now exposed, we are now aware. One of the platforms that have helped with such improvement is Social Media and the Internet in general.”

He said his outfit in partnership with others is planning to host “Sports for Peace Initiative” a soccer event with prize monies and participating fees, scheduled for December 2022 which has secured the backing of the Nigeria Football Federation.

The Twenty Bucks Creative owner said up to N30 million will be won by eventual winners.

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