2023: Osinbajo, a willing vessel ready to serve Nigerians

It may be stretching the argument a bit too far for anyone to start interrogating Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s qualification to become Nigeria’s President by every constitutional and academic standard. His Excellency, without doubt, possesses one of the most frightening resumes, which give him a quintessential posture of a 21st century leader. Tellingly, this has been one key ingredient lacking in our political firmament.

It may also be belabouring to start regurgitating the thoughts of whether Osinbajo will perform as President or not. In the few weeks he had the constitutional powers to act as the C-in-C, he over-performed to the admiration of all Nigerians. It is something Nigerians cannot forget in a hurry how he breathes new life into industry, democracy, nationhood, and governance. Even the oppositions applauded him oh his leadership charisma.

This is not where I would wish to start enumerating the salient changes, character, courage, good opinions, unity and stability Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN brought to the entire nation within that short period of time. It will be a story for another day. However, no government is without blemish, whether during the PDP era or this of the APC that you belong. But, the question remains; are there things you would have done differently to the greater good? Yes. You have convincingly proven sufficiently to majority of Nigerians both home and in the Diaspora that so much there is you can do differently in order to secure public good.

It is obvious to all Nigerians that Osinbajo has never been desperate for power, but one bankrolled by sheer providence and God’s grace. A willing vessel that is readily available to serve his people in humility, meekness, sincerity and love, as he has demonstrated before us all these past years. In our dear Vice President Nigerians have seen a thoroughbred and confident leader, one highly cerebral and genuine, dovetailed with sincere patriotic consciousness and stern reputation for the rule of law and higher human values that can steer our nation to greatness.

Our dear Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is young and vibrant. He is filled with God-given wisdom, knowledge and good opinions that can shape our socio-politico-cultures onto global best practices. The youths of this nation admire his political will to bring them to governance and the kind encouragement and inspiration he has become to them, as one who has stood out as a tremendously successful first-class legal practitioner, astute politician and family man.

Osinbajo has served and followed so well. He has also proved to be one of the finest, ablest, brightest and most loyal of the Lagos Bourdillon Empire and the entire South-west to have been the favorite of the Lion of the Bourdillon, to be presented to the nation when it mattered most in 2015.

In humility, he has learned the arts and science of governance. He has gained unparalleled and first-hand executive experience, combined with contemporary institutional knowledge, which are keystone requirements for success in the future leadership of our dear country. Nigerians need no further retelling that as a SAN that he is, Osinbajo clearly understands fundamental human rights, international laws and the constitution in order to deliver a civilised and prosperous nation, driven by the rule of law and order.

Besides, he has demonstrated virtues of patience and love towards all tribes combined in deep commitment to integrity and higher loyalty to truth and human conscience is a full-proof that you can father this nation without discrimination, disdain and indignity.

Yemi Osinbajo, in a nutshell, has everything to unfurl the Nigerian dreams and aspirations, most especially at this time that the nation buckles under the weight of religious, sectional and ethnic squabbles and doldrums. As expected, a Christian from the South succeeds Gen. Buhari, a Muslim from the North, following the presidential rotation order since our return to democracy in 1999 will add verve to our stive for national unity.

Given the underlying challenges confronting the nation, the odds are in favour of Yemi Osinbajo. He stands a big chance to succeed his Principal, President Muhammadu Buhari with whom he has played a loyal compatriot. It is on this note that we join the host of well-meaning politicians, groups and gatekeepers to beg our able VP to step out and contest for the office of the President in the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

Mr Elemi, Director General, Osinbajo Grassroots Mobilisation Vanguard-Nigeria, writes from Abuja