2023 Presidency: Ayom writes Buhari, promises to reverse insecurity, transform economy

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, a Presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Moses Ayom, has written a letter to President Muhammadu Buhari informing him about his aspiration to contest the presidential poll.

Ayom, who is a major pillar of support for the emergence of a president from the middlebelt region, disclosed his readiness to “sustain the tempo of investment in the armed forces, forge alliances that ensure steady supply and availability of the most modern security equipment and promote discipline and professionalism in the rank and file of our security architecture.”

Ayom in a letter tagged “Indication of Interest to run for the Office of President in 2023”, dated 13th January 2022 made available to Blueprint Tuesday.

“We would consolidate on your good work to break the jink of epileptic supply in Nigeria. We are well aware of ongoing initiatives, partnerships, and projects that your administration is executing to ensure that Nigeria achieves the 24,380 MW power supply and will make their completion a key part of our agenda. 

“With great humility and deference to your good self, I, Moses Chiahemba Ayom, member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) wish to formally notify you of my interest in seeking for the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the 2023 election under the platform of our great Party the APC,” he declared.

Ayo who said his decision to join the race is premised on President Buhari’s  added that “We plan to leverage your successes to build a vibrant economy that helps Nigerians and businesses to realize their potentials. An economy that that would expand markets and unlock sustainable growth, while creating an enabling environment in which people, communities and businesses can thrive. 

“We would build a modern and sustainable economy that leverages advances in ICT and Tech-Innovation. An economy that creates jobs, encourages industrialization, increases tax revenues, improves quality of life, and ensures inclusive growth.” 

Anyo who pledged to create free trade zones in all 36 states added that “We would implement initiatives that would help turn the South East region into the Gwanzhou manufacturing hub of Africa and support locally produced goods with tax incentives. 

“For creation of jobs and building of capacity for locals, all uniforms of paramilitary and schools will be gotten from Aba (Abia State) and other states that are skillful. Government offices must patronize made in Nigeria furniture, to mention but a few,” Ayom vowed.

The letter continued “the Central Bank Governor who was also on that delegation approved a N1billion loan from the Real Sector Support Fund (RSSF) in aid of the project. Even though we encountered massive hiccups in the course of processing this facility, your good intentions and best wishes for the project have never wavered. This project once finally packaged shall be a major tool in lifting Nigerians out of poverty.

“Another major policy of yours which I have actively participated in is your revolutionary decision to lift the ban on the FCT Land swap Programme. Under this laudable scheme, I have entered into a partnership with the Federal Housing Authority to develop Africa’s foremost Green Smart City called Ketti District in phase 4 of the FCT master plan.”

Disclosing his agenda for Infrastructure development, the presidential aspirant aaaured Buhari that “We would continue the historic work that your administration has done in the areas of massive investments in roads, bridges, transportation systems to ensure free and cost-effective movement of goods and services. 

“Particularly, we would concentrate on partnerships with the Chinese Railway Corporation for revamping of old routes and expansion of modern railway lines across the country.”

On Education, Ayom said his administration “shall expand investment in education to ensure that every Nigerian has access to quality and affordable education as a matter of national security.”  

“We shall invest in our hospitals and medical centers in urban and rural areas, encourage private sector players to set up world class health centers to discourage medical tourism and ensure health for all. Particularly, we would set up 6 Regional State of the Art Hospitals nationwide that would be managed by reputable international management firms so that no one needs to travel out for medicals,” he added.

Ayom also assured President Buhari that he enjoys support from within and outside the APC noting that his wide consultations have received the attention of women groups, youth organisations, and the association of the physically challenged.