2023 Presidency: GYB and the massive call to run

Governor Bello

In search of purposeful leadership and the quest of the Nigerian youths to  wrestle power from the old generation, the call on Governor of Kogi state to run in the 2023 is gaining momentum among Nigerians both at home and in the Diaspora. The youths are also mobilizing towards actualising the desire of ensuring GYB’s emergence as the president of come 2023.
Although, has not formally indicated interest to run, but several calls have emerged from near and far for the Kogi born politician to respect and yield to the clamour in the interest of the nation whichas is in dire need of a game changer with the ability to combine sound education with emotional intelligence and take the country to an enviable heights.

There is no doubt that Africa’s most populous nation; my dear country, is in need of a detribalized political leader like to rescue her from the comatose and.worsening insecurity. This has become even more compelling, considering the governor’s Midas touch and proven capacity manifested in Kogi state where he is in his second term in office.
Indeed, one of such calls on GYB to run for the in 2023, came from a group under the auspices of Arewa Forum (AYF). The group said that it is a time for the to take over the country’s leadership as they are tired of recycling political leaders who have not been able to provide purposeful leadership to meet the yearnings of the teeming populace of the country. “After a thorough research and evidence of the numerous achievements of , the Arewa have decided to call on him to run for president in 2023.” The group disclosed that Governor has made remarkable achievements in the areas of security, infrastructure, and women inclusion in governance, as well as his resoluteness against the politicization of the pandemic.

“Like many other young Nigerians desirous to change the phenomenon of political bandwagon and recycled politicians, we are looking up to him as the hope of the Nigerian ,” the group said. 
In the last few years, the emergence of Yahaya Bello as the governor steering the affairs of Kogi state has is no doubt brought unity and integration, infrastructural development, enhanced security, institutional reforms, amongst others, to the state. These achievements flow from his purposeful leadership of honesty, resilience and tenacity in doing what is right. His achievements in providing dividends of to the good people of Kogi state like never before made many political observers to see Yahaya Bello as the right person to lead and Nigerians in 2023.However, in the present political dispensation, what most Nigerian politicians are lacking is competence. Meanwhile, providing good governance is competence and experience driven at various levels. But in the case of Yahaya Bello, even the ardent critics of his administration attest to the fact that he has the experience and technical know-how in providing good governance.

Governor Bello’s leadership qualities have been advanced as reason for his meteoric rise in ’s political landscape and beyond, being the reason for his recent recognition by the United Nations (UN) for his effort in ensuring the inclusiveness and greater participation of women in politics in Kogi tate.

Indisputably, the Confluence State has always come first in most local and international ratings by credible organizations, affirming that Bello’s stewardship, which embraced a well-structured fiscal policy and prudent of the state’s lean resources, has reduced the state’s domestic debts to the barest minimum. Governor Yahaya Bello is a gender sensitive democrat and has become the pride and face of the North-central zone. He is an ambassador of Nigerian youths who will surely replicate his laudable achievements in Kogi state at the national level when given the to rule .

The call on well-meaning and patriotic Nigerians to join forces in pressuring Governor Yahaya Bello to accept the call to vie for the coveted presidential seat of the nation is now on the lips of Nigerians in any political gathering across board. These followed his resourceful, meticulous, transparent and detribalized virtues. May we not miss the to once and for all reform our country by entrusting its leadership in the hands of an active and visionary leader like Governor Yahaya Bello.
Ibrahim writes from Kaduna.

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