2023: Surprises await Nigerians over next president – Religious Leader

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The forthcoming presidential election would spring surprises as no corrupt politician would preside over the affairs of the country from 2023, the Leader of a religious organisation, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS), His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, has disclosed.

Speaking in Calabar in a chat with Journalists, Leader Obu said the winner of the presidential election has already been decided and crowned in the realm of the spirit.

“Many will be taken aback by the result of the 2023 election because something that has never happened in the history of Nigeria will happen, and it will shake the so called powerful politicians of Nigeria.

“The forthcoming 2023 election is not going to be business as usual, neither is it going to be about the usual electioneering practices, replete will malpractices, vote buying, corruption and rigging. Rather it will be about competence.

“It should be stated that the fate of the election has already been decided by the Almighty Father. One thing is certain, no corrupt politician will be close to the Presidential staff of office. Only those with the fear of God, pure in heart and of a humble spirit will win.

“I only urge the leaders of the country to work synergistically and ensure the election runs smooth and fair devoid of electoral malpractices,” he submitted.

On Nigeria’s 62nd independence anniversary, the religious leader said the country would attain its greatness despite all odds, adding ” Nigeria will soon be the center for world peace and when that time eventually comes, she will be an example for the whole world.

“Think of it, Nigeria has what it takes to have a stake in world’s government most powerful decision making bodies if only some Nigerian leaders cease to have the national cake for themselves and their families alone, whereby indulging in corruption and nepotism.

“In all, at 62 years, much is yet to be achieved and I urge all political gladiators to understand that the forthcoming election is for the growth and betterment of the country. No man’s ambition is worth another man’s life.”

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