2023: Uba Sani preaches turning point on Christmas day 

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Senator Uba Sani

Senator Uba Sani, Kaduna Central Senatorial District and All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate in the state has expressed hope in a Christmas message that 2023 will be a turning point for Kaduna state and Nigeria. 

He urged all Christians across the country, and all Nigerians to use the solemn occasion of Christmas to reflect on the life of Jesus and emulate his virtues. 

“In his earthly ministry, he stood against injustice, oppression, trampling on the weak and poor, and all vices that make life unbearable. He preached forgiveness and love. 

“He was for a society where no man or woman will feel oppressed. If we imbibe the virtues of Jesus Christ, peace will return to our troubled communities and development would pick up once more,” the senator said.

He saluted Nigerians for their resilience, perseverance and patience, Uba Sani noted that the last one year has been very challenging. 

He said strenuous efforts are being made by federal and sub-national authorities to address key challenges around the economy and security. 

“With the support of the people, we shall definitely turn the corner in 2023 and put our country once more on the path of sustainable growth and development.

He implored every Nigerian to play parts to make 2023 election year a watershed in the annals of elections in Nigeria. 

“We must resist forces that are bent on scuttling the elections and reversing our democratic gains. The democratic way is the right way. Any other way will lead us to a crisis,” he warned. 

Disclosing that he has ramped up his campaigns for the governorship of Kaduna state, and that the prospects were looking very bright, the Senator Uba Sani sought public support and encouragement to get to the finishing line. 

“We are committed to moving Kaduna state to higher heights. In the spirit of Christmas, I will visit many Christian homes to rejoice with them. I will also, with my field officers, visit the poor and orphans to share the joy of this memorable occasion. We must all endeavour to use this occasion to put smiles on the faces of the poor, orphans, the underserved and the unreached,” he pledged. 

Wishing a merry Christmas to all Christian brothers and sisters, the senator prayed the Christmas season brings joy and peace to all families. 

“I rejoice with you on this memorable occasion that is set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who lived an exemplary life and bequeathed to mankind a legacy of justice, love, forgiveness, peace, compassion and care for the downtrodden,” he said.

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