2023: UBNI berates Dokpesi’s comments on South east geo-political zone

The United for Better Nigeria Initiative (UBNI) has berated the founder of DAAR Communications, Chief Raymond Dokpesi, over derogatory comments against emergence of a president from the Southeast geo-political zone come 2023 general election.

Dokpesi, who is also a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), had through a statement on Monday alluded that Nigerians are afraid that president of under the threat of IPOB’s the people will break away because Igbo extraction would make for the country’s breakup, which he hinged on the agitation by Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

In his words “If nobody has told Ohanaeze Ndigbo before, the concern today from some other regions is that if Nnamdi Kanu plays the role of Aguiyi Ironsi in leading a militant revolt against constitutional government in the South-East under Igbo presidency, the president will be pressured by his base to facilitate the UN processes for the South- East to call for independence from Nigeria”.

While reacting to the statement, the national coordinator, Mrs Nkolika Mkparu, in a press statement alleged that Dokpesi by his divisive comments against the Igbo people is using his media platform to drag venom against the country.

Mkparu noted that a large number of people from the southeast believe in one Nigeria and they have investments all over the country, working and developing anywhere they find themselves and call the place home.

“Our attention has been drawn to a very offensive and divisive statement issued by media businessman, Dopkesi, where he was playing a racist cum ethnic card against the people from the southeast.

“Where was Dopkesi when the people from Northern Nigeria were elected as presidents irrespective of the problems in the north? We have seen Dokpesi use his media outlet against the people from the Southeast for a while, without being challenged, this time he has gone overboard,” she said.

The national coordinator, however, enjoined the former Vice President to dissociate himself from Dokpesi’s statement, noting that the people of the southeast are the cement and fabric of the Nigerian nationhood.

“In the last presidential election, the Southeast gave the former vice president, a Northerner, the largest votes, and Dokpesi in his displaying his fears is resulting in damaging the people that may vote for his candidate who received most of his votes from the southeast.

“ Nigerians with a good conscience should call Dokpesi who is looking desperate to others. Power is in the hand of God, He chooses who He can crown, that Dokpesi utterances and the displaying of his hatefulness towards a section of this country by such venomous statement that is so offensive.

“He is working so desperately to get the presidential ticket for a former vice president who has moved from one party and never display loyalty to a particular party than what he will gain.

She concluded that the emergent of a Nigerian president of the southeast extraction shall unify and progress the country the more.