2023: UK raises security concern, says we’ll be watching closely 

Ahead of next year’s election, the United Kingdom (UK) has raised security concerns, saying they will be watching development closely.

The British High Commissioner in Nigeria, Mrs. Catriona Lang, who stated this Wednesday when she led a delegation on a visit to the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) also appealed to stakeholders to ensure that adequate security measures were put in place for peaceful election.

Mrs. Lang said: “The few things that are on my mind is  to make sure that the elections go very well. Number one is security and we are really concerned about recent events. 

“There have been 52 election violence related issues in 22 states including an attack on the PDP convoy in Maiduguri. That is a real concern and we want to exchange our thoughts on what you can do as a political party to ensure that the elections are as peaceful as possible.

“This election is very important to Africa and parts of the world, so the spotlight will be on Nigeria and the UK will be watching closely. 

“We engage in so many ways, we have spoken with INEC, civil societies. We don’t support any political party. It is for the people of Nigeria to decide who will lead them at the federal and state levels. In that spirit we are meeting all the main political parties.”

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