2023: We’ll rally round lovers of Bauchi for Baba Abubakar – Sade

Abdulrahman Sade is an Abuja-based  political activist, author and media consultant who has overtime been part of the struggle for a better Bauchi, his state of origin. In an interview with some journalists in Abuja recently, he outlined the current state of governance in the state and why the immediate past Chief of Air Staff, Air Masrshal Sadique Baba Abubakar (retd), should succeed the current administration come 2023, if the state wants to make meaningful progress. AWAAL GATA was there. Excerpts:

Current state of affairs in Bauchi state?

Although it may be unfair to say that the current administration is a total failure, giving the few projects that are now dotting the state, in general assessment, there is nothing to write home about in Bauchi state at the moment. The people of the state are not happy with the way things are.  Peoples  expectations have not been met. Virtually every sector of the state needs overhauling. Worst of all, there is loss of confidence between the government and the governed. The people are not impressed with how they are being governed as there is glaring poverty and lack of social services. Given the blessings Allah has given to the state, things are not supposed to be the way they presently are. I think everything is as a result of the (political) leadership vacuum the state is unfortunately mired in at the moment.

How to salvage things
The vacuum that exists should simply be filled with tact and deep instrospection. We should ally as stakeholders to chart a realizable roadmap and deliberately and tactically work it into fruition. We can learn from others who have gotten things right. We can begin by making sure that anyone that is going to assume office as the governor of Bauchi state in 2023 has the capability of holistically turning the state around and addressing altruistically the deluge of problems it is currently facing. Remember I said there is a leadership vacuum. You know, leadership is key in driving the society out of doldrums or obscurity.

Best candidate for 2023 in your perception
Not only from my perception but from the perception of the majority. Majority of the people are calling on the former Chief of Air Staff,  Air Marshal Sadique Baba Abubakar to join the gubernatorial race and save the state from further collapse because he has all it takes to provide good governance. Recall how he transformed the Nigerian Air Force? Not only Nigerians can attest to what he did, but the whole world. That is why, from the investigations a team I commissioned carried out, elders want him to come and lead the state. Traditional rulers want the same thing. Women want the same thing. Youth want the same thing. Even the settlers. And, as they said, it is because of the paradigm shift he enabled when he headed NAF.  Thanks to him, Nigeria’s security has improved from how things were before he assumed office in 2015. Thanks to him NAF is a force of envy not only in Nigeria but worldwide. Professionalism is top-notch today in NAF because of his leadership. Bauchi state needs its paradigm to be shifted in such way.  SB Abubakar remains certainly one of the most intellectually gifted and mentally equipped leaders Bauchi state ever produced.

Apart from the former CAS, who else?
There are so many people that have the capacity but Sadique’s credentials are cannot be matched at the moment. We need to tap from his experience. He built a good reputation while serving Nigeria and with passion. He exited with honour and commendations from every quarter. He was never for once found wanting in public and private life. He is an impeccable gentleman that believes in unity in diversity. He is the only indigene of Bauchi state as of today that can be accepted across the divide with ease. He has a way of giving a Midas Touch to whatever he touches, and that is what Bauchi needs to save herself from its ongoing doldrums.

Can he scale the litmus test of Bauchi south?
He is acclaimed globally. Someone who is acclaimed globally can deliver anywhere. Besides, I said people across board are calling on him to run. Movers and shakers of Bauchi South are among the people I meant, so he has no stumbling block to contend.

Who are those movers and shakers in Bauchi state?
We have the current Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu; Wazirin Bauchi, Dr. Muhammadu Bello Kirfi; Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara, Alh. Garba Noma, Sen. Abubakar Maikafi, Prof Bogoro, Abdul Ningi, and so. Many  seasoned politicians in the state, once we have their support, we have no other obstacle to fear. 

Is he an original indigene of Bauchi state?
This question can best be answered by the District Head of Giade in Katagum Emirate of Bauchi state where he hails from. But from my investigation, he is a bona fide indigene by birth not by naturalisation or adoption. Giade is his ancestral home that can neither be denied nor debated. Even former Governor M.A Abubakar, Isa Yuguada and even Ahmed Muazu suffered distortions and twists of origin. 

Can he govern a complex state like Bauchi?
Yes! He is well-educated, intelligent, versatile courageous, exposed, experienced and connected to the highest level of government. The state should benefit from his wealth of experience. He is a listener and a very calm and firm leader

But the opposition could rate him as a political novice
Democracy is a game of the majority. Once you have the majority, you are the winner. He already has the majority.
Does he belong to any of the political parties?

He has his own party, as far as I am concerned. But you know politics of the 21st century is beyond party alone. It deals more with the credibility of the candidate. 

Which party would you advise him to join?
Possibly the All Progressives Congress.

Why not APGA or PDP?
To majority of politicians in the north, APGA is a regional party that survives and known only in the Southeast. PDP is not an ideal party for gentlemen because of its composition. It is a party that operates like a cult. There is no genuine democracy in the PDP. Therefore, we prefer him to join APC to actualize our collective dream.

Has he indicated interest to run?
He has never publicised his political interest. I am only one of the myriad of people who are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that he contests in 2023. We staunchly believe that he will make an indelible impact if he leads the state, hence the clarion call. We just need his intelligence and leadership  prowess in our state .
As his official biographer, are you speaking on his behalf.
I am an indigene of Bauchi who knows him and his capabilities very well, because of the research I have been conducting on him. The records are there. He is incorruptible, as evidenced by his term as the Chief of Air Staff. As far as Nigeria is concerned, he is one of the very few breeds of leaders that are incorruptible, creative, patriotic and result-oriented. For things to turn around in Bauchi, we need such a leader, and thank God we have Sadique Baba Abubakar.

Does he have the capacity to stand against an incumbent governor?
People’s political capacities are weighed at the polls. Many people are saying that he doesn’t have the money to contest but we will rally round friends and lovers of Bauchi state to jointly sponsor him for the interest of our state. There is nothing to worry about. 

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