2023: Why Nigeria needs El-Rufa’i as president by Shehu Yunusa

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The 2023 general election is still far away. Notwithstanding, there are calls from various angles for President Muhammadu Buhari to groom his successor. For instance, Pastor Tunde Bakare was the first to ask Mr President to pick his successor. While his call has continued to generate mixed reactions, in honesty there is nothing wrong with it. The good two-tenure of eight years Buhari will spend need sustainability. You can imagine what will be the fate of Buhari’s legacies if his successor comes from group of corrupt element. Since he came on board, Buhari has been pursuing programmes and policies aimed at making lives better for Nigerians. Reflecting the situation the country found itself before the APC came to power and the dividends of democracy it was able to deliver, every right thinking Nigerian must pray for continuity.

  In the three areas President Buhari made his promises viz: fight against corruption, insecurity and economy rejuvenation a lot have been achieved to the satisfaction of all and sundry. The re-captured of 7 local governments which were hitherto under the control of dreaded Boko Haram, containing their incessant attacks to only soft targets point an improvement in the fight against Boko Haram. What about the farmers/herdsmen clashes? It was nipped in bud through the deployment of well equipped security personnel. Even kidnappers who have been making life difficult for Nigerians are tamed by our security apparatchiks. These giant strides are extended to other aspects of governance. Kudos to Mr President for keeping his promise!

  The success story of Buhari administration is replicating in Kaduna state courtesy of selfless and committed services of Governor Nasiru El-Rufa’i. The governor does not need introduction. His performances and ability to deliver quick result speak volumes about him. The good people of Kaduna state and Nigerians in general remember him when he headed the Bureau of Public Enterprises during Obasanjo administration, in which the government privitisation policies were successfully carried out. His tenure as FCT minister was a testimony of brilliant service delivery. Since the creation of the Federal Capital Territory, the seat of nation’s power had never witnessed infrastructure development like during his time. To his credit, the overcrowded and seemingly slum Abuja wears a beautiful look. The introduction of Abuja Geographical Information System (AGIS) to deal with land matters and restoration of Abuja master plan are some of his worthy legacies.

  In 2015, when El-Rufai became governor, he met the state with virtually absent of infrastructure development. Added to these woes are increasing of slum and shanties scattered across the state. Education needed total overhaul. Unemployment was alarming while insecurity was daily occurrence. The governor resolved to make Kaduna state great again. Within his first tenure, El-Rufai identified and constructed hundreds of feeder roads in the 23 local governments of the state. What about the deteriorated education sector? The governor took the bull by the horn by removing 21000 unqualified teachers who failed an aptitude test and hired qualified teachers through strict and competitive recruitment policy. Now, the state is ranked 2nd best in education sector after Ekiti and first in the Northern Nigeria.

  Kaduna state is the first state to implement the minimum wage. Civil servants who are engine room for policy implementation are fully motivated through timely promotion, regular advancement and workshop training. The urban renewal policy aimed at giving the state a face lift has been vigorously pursuing since his second coming. The deplorable or bad township roads have been fully rehabilitated through the urban renewal programmes. Kaduna, Zaria and Kafanchan have been wearing a good look as newly tarred roads have been spread.

  If El-Rufai can dramatically transform the state in all aspects of human development, he will be a good successor to Buhari in 2023.Governor El-Rufai is imbued with leadership qualities such as integrity, competence, experience and above all tact. These are some of the qualities that define our president. The Kaduna governor is a good material Nigerians cannot afford to lose in 2023.

 Shehu Yunusa,

Pambegua, Kubau LGA,

Kaduna state 

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