2Face is everything for me – Singer, Austin Boss

With a lot of crap music choking up the music space, concerns have been expressed about the future and quality of Nigerian music. All in the name of street music many wannabe singers have risen and only to fade away after they have had their moments because their music cannot go the distance. For Delta State-born, Lagos born and bred artist, Austin Awele Okocha, musically known as Austin Boss,

this is not a path he had carved to follow.

Having been groomed by the music of the likes of Fela, Bob Marley and Lucky Dube, Austin Boss has fashioned his brand of music after these legends. As most of his mentors are late, his biggest living legend is known other than the Afropop legend, Innocent Idibia famously known as 2face.

“2Face is everything for me, from he’s lyrics to delivery, he’s just a legend. He is the best we have in Nigeria. His consistency sets him apart from the rest. He has been around for so long and he appears to be growing stronger year in, year out. If I have a wish of an artist I want a collaboration with, he would my number one choice. Yes, I have many artists I wish a collaboration with but he is my undisputed number one followed by Burna Boy and Wizkid. For Burna Boy, I believe we have some similarities. As for Wizkid, who wouldn’t want a collaboration with him?”

Austin Boss says the uniqueness of his sound would stand in out in the music industry, saying he doesn't make meaningless music like many out there.

“Austin Boss is unique, bold and confident and what differentiates my music from others is my ability to tell my story which so many people can relate too. With the competitiveness of the music industry, I plan to stay relevant by dropping good music from time to time and also support and promote good music from Africa to the world,” he added.

He debuted his first official EP titled “Against All Odds”.

Austin started making music professionally in 2015 with a now defunct group known as SOD based in Tbilisi, Georgia. He relocated back to Nigeria in 2018 to chase a solo career in music.

“I’ve been making music professionally since 2015 and I can tell you solemnly that being able to still make music at this level is enough achievement for me,” he said.

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