3 in police net over ex-minister’s son abduction

Three suspects are now in Police net in Oyo state  in connection with the abduction of a United Kingdom trained son of the immediate past Minister of Health, Prof Isaac Adewole, on Tuesday evening by gunmen.

Already, a combined team of Military men, Police and other security agencies are now busy combing Iroko and its environment in search of the abducted Son of the former Minister identified as Dayo.

According to Police sources. the three arrested suspects included the driver that drove the victim employed few days ago, Mr. Gbenga Ogunleye; the farm manager, Mr. Sodiq Adebayo, and one other worker in the farm. 

It was learnt Adebayo was the one that was said to be with Dayo when the kidnappers who were four in number stormed the Poultry farm.

Speaking with Journalists after visiting the farm where the Minister’s Son was abducted, the Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of Police in charge of Zone 11, comprising Oyo, Osun and Ondo States, Mr. Leye OyebadeOyebade, disclosed that police have launched a manhunt in search of the kidnappers, and that  the kidnapped  Son of the former Minister would be rescued, saying the police would deploy  their arsenal, including STI (Science, Technology and Innovation) in the operation.

“Actually, this incident is very unfortunate because it is coming after we have been able to map out a lot of strategy to address the challenge we are facing by these undesirable elements. From our inspection of the scene, interaction and interrogation of the workers, and those that were present at the scene, we can really say that the modus is changing, the tactic is changing, and their way of operating is changing. Since they now know that we have been able to cover the roads, they are now coming to isolated areas, looking for targets that can be approached, having monitored them.”

“With what we gathered here, the suspects covered their faces and the story that is being given, we are not ruling out the involvement of those that are very close, in this particular situation. But whatever it is, we are going to unmask those that are behind this, and that is the assurance I am giving to members of the public, ” he said.

AIG Oyebade added “the Inspector General of Police has given a mandate and on that mandate we stand that kidnapping will become highly unprofitable. With the system we are going to use now, with the application of STI and with the commitment and drive of police officers that have been deployed, we are going to uproot them.”

The AIG then urged that there is the need for all and sundry to be security conscious, saying in recruiting staff, employers must go beyond ordinary interviews, by ensuring that the potential employees bring collateral, get their photographs and do underground checking of the personality being considered for employment, either as driver, cook, or gatekeeper because many of them have tendencies to give out their principals to kidnappers or armed robbers.

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