35 years in police job not easy – DIG Kokumo 

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A just retired Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) in charge of the Force Criminal Investigations Department (FCID), Johnson Babatunde Kokumo, has said his 35 years experience as a police officer since he joined the force is not easy.

Kokumo made the remark during the pull-out ceremony on behalf of the retiring officers of Police Academy Course (POLAC)1/1988 in Lagos.

He said there were so many other officers who joined the force before him and long after him who dreamt and wished to see a day like this but never got the chance.

He also said there were also a number of his contemporaries who joined the force on the same day and were looking forward to seeing a day like this, but it never came.

“One hundred and ninety-eight of us commenced training on March 15, 1988. One hundred and seventy-eight completed training. While many of them have been called to glory long before they reached retirement age, we began this speech with a prayer of thanksgiving to the Almighty God.

“Our appointment into the force was both divine and fortuitous. After finishing tertiary education, many had no premonition of becoming police officers. We must admit that the journey thus far has not been easy.

“The love and passion we had for the job were the driving forces that kept us going. On several occasions, we would leave for work and would not know when we would return.

“This became a pattern, and our lovely families grew accustomed to it. It was also impossible to predict where we would be deployed next. As a result, the family belongings were always kept in a condition that allowed for such frequent movements without being noticed.

“We commend our wives and lovely children for their perseverance and prayers at all times. We acknowledge the roles that our superiors played in developing us and providing us with the necessary professional knowledge and direction, both in the training colleges and on the pitch,” he said.

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