57th anniversary: Presidential aspirant backs restructuring, says Nigeria unbreakable

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A young Nigerian presidential hopeful based in America, Chris Emejuru, has said that to restructure the country at this time is the best thing to do, so as to move the country forward, even as he considered the agitation for division of Nigeria as unrealisable.

According to him: “Nigeria is one; from the beauty of the North, to the magnificence of the South, to the wonders of the West, united we will remain, as an example for many, for Africa, for the world.”

Emejuru, in a goodwill message he personally signed and made available to Newsmen Sunday in Abuja, declared that from all indications, the country shall remain united and unbreakable.

The US based Nigerian, while calling for restructuring said: “therefore, it is urgent for the reason of economic prosperity for all Nigerians that a restructuring must occur. To restructure, is for each region of the federation to enjoy the fruits of its labour, overseen by an authority to manage each system of that labour. Simply, every region should be able to manage its own output in cooperation with the federal government.”

The presidential hopeful also told President Muhammadu Buhari’s led federal government that “the growing concerns and disparities between different regions gave reasoning to a divisive past that must not repeat itself.”

He recalled that since the beginning of self rule 1960 “major events have shaped our landscape politically, economically, and socially. From the assassination of Prime Minister Bawela, to the coup attempt by General Ironsi, this led to a federal system with no viability, as ‘regionalism’ was relegated to something unimportant at the time.

“During these major transitions, sentiments were brewing, especially concerning divisions between the North and South. These implications would reach a boiling point. This boiling point eventually led to the civil war. To avoid this, concessions were made, but the influence of one charismatic leader, Ojukwu was undeterred.

“Propoganda was relentless giving the South courage to secede from the Union, but ultimately, the plot failed, and this so called leader of the Biafra War retreated with all his luxuries. Economically and Socially, the country was in disarray and for the next 29 years, different transitions of power and brief stints of democratic rule would take form but with menial results. It wasn’t until the fourth Republic arose into fruition in 1999, that a democratic foundation lay its roots. However flimsy these roots are, it was the beginning,” Emejuru narrated.

He therefore stated that though during these periods progress were made but “much more needs to be made.

“Specifically, resources attributed to each region can be sustainable for that region by improving local revenue generation while allocating certain portion to the federal affairs allowing.”

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