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7 jobs that probably won’t be around in 10 years

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Whether you’re trying to fi gure out a career path tailored to your abilities, or just curious of the kinds of jobs that society is slowly fading out, Boss Girl has the rundown on the 6 jobs that probably won’t be around in 10 years time.

Technology and cultural shifts have given rise to new careers while slowly making others disappear. Read on to fi nd out which 6 jobs are going obsolete, and why you should avoid them! Retail cashier With the infl ux of self-service checkouts, and automated processes during purchasing, the typical retail cashier will eventually fade away as a career.

Technology has allowed plenty of advancements in how we shop, and customers are wanting less human interaction. Social media manager Surprised to see such a new occupation on the list? Don’t be: easy come, easy go when it comes to the new tech economy. With the current generation growing up as much online as off , social media will be ever-more integrated into the lives of workers.

Th e very ubiquity of social media will mean dedicated social media managers will become ever less necessary: as everyone around will have the skills necessary, specialists will find less and less demand for their services. Theirs was essentially a one-generation gig: so long as there are older, less techsavvy individuals in charge, social media managers will last.

But as the workforce turns over, the music will stop and they will fi nd themselves without a deskchair in the office shuffl e. Telemarketer Nowadays, people don’t use the phone as much as they used to.

With other more effi cient ways of communicating – such as email or Social media manager retail cashier New media texting. Old fashioned telemarketing is slowly becoming a job of the past. With email and social media marketing on the rise, these once common jobs will no longer be found.

Travel agent With the rise of the internet and the ability to book trips for cheap using sites comparable to travel agents, this old-school job is slowly fading out of the system. Gone are the days where we need a third party person to fi nd the better deals when travelling, because the internet has made that ability so much easier for us.

Taxi driver Ride sharing apps have created a new normal for the way the average person acquires transportation. Calling for a cab is going to be nonexistent with the rise of apps with GPS technology. Taxi drivers will have to follow the trend in order to keep their business afl oat. Publishers and printers It’s no surprise that print media is fading out of the industry.

More and more consumers are going digital when it comes to entertainment and news. Publishing companies have been having a hard time keeping up with the times. Th ese industries are slowly fading out to give rise to new digital media companies. Postal workers With the rise of technology and email communication, the need for postal workers has slowly been dwindling away.

With the rise of private companies taking the Post Office’s place, this government run job has little chance for career growth and advancement. Source: bluebloom.com

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