9th Senate: 51 APC Senators backing Lawan – Buhari

The Senator representing Oyo North Senatorial District and Chairman, Senate Committee on ICT and Cybercrimes, Senator Abdulfatai Buhari, has disclosed that 51 of the 66 All Progressives Congress (APC) elected Senators have signed an endorsement list and pledged to vote for Senator Ahmed Lawan as the ninth Senate President.

Senator Buhari made this known in Ibadan on Saturday while fielding questions from journalists on a live Fresh FM interview known as South West Political Circuit.

The Senator representing Oyo North Senatorial District stated that not only have the 51 APC Senators pledged support for Senator Lawan to emerge in accordance with the directive of the party, about six others who are currently in Saudi Arabia for the lesser Hajj, would swell the number to make Lawan’s Senate Presidency a reality.

“The difference between 2019 election and that of 2015 is that APC and its Senators are smarter now. The party is in charge. Unlike in 2015 when the numbers were close, the difference in number now makes APC to be in a comfortable lead,” he said.

The Chairman Senate Committee on ICT and Cybercrimes said with the number, APC is rest assured of winning the Senate Presidency for Senator Lawan.

“We can go to bed with 51 Senators and wait for those who travelled outside the country to join to elect Senator Lawan. We did not sign an endorsement list in 2015. There was no cohesion in 2015, but now there is. In 2015, the Senate Presidency was not zoned, but now APC has zoned it to the North-East and the Speakership to the South-West.”

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