A deserved award for Boss Mustapha

It’s commonly said, “Leaders are born”. Before now I found this as an ancient English and odd to the 21st century Queens English. It’s distinctively different now as anybody can be a leader through a dint of hard work. I’m forced to reckon with the wisdom in this wit after a careful and close watch of Adamawa born eclat personality of great repute, Barrister Boss Mustapha, the present Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF). In him are found attributes and traits of not only a born leader, but he is also a made leader through a successful drive of hard work, building through his proven integrity – a lifestyle he adopted in the interest of all Nigerians.
His story of building a successful political style of life over three decades is more than a nobleman making deliberate effort in his good contributions in building a Nigeria of our dreams. This has been the passion of Boss Mustapha. In Nigeria, nay the North-east, his name continues to ring louder bells for utilising tacit knowledge, such as the ability to network, seek resources, and spot local talents to develop young Nigerians to places of leadership.

My Boss leader, your exceptional political career and services have inspired millions. People like us you modeled from a distance by the cupidity and strong emotion of wanting a greater Nigeria out of what it is. For this, I see you as a leader of leaders, a political strategist, and an astute administrator. 

Boss has over three decades of active roles in the politics of Nigeria impacted many lives and greatly contributed to improving the polity. This is where every good eye has seen his enthusiasm and yearnings that Nigeria deserves better leaders.

In him also I have discovered one reality of why we exist as humans. The essence of humanity’s corporate existence is to be our brother’s keepers. Boss’s style of leadership has recalled my life to sacrificing for others to live. This man is most sacrificing, there is nothing he cannot let go of. He is the most kind-hearted. There is nothing he cannot give. He is the most altruistic, he considers others before himself if in the ultimate it is for the greatest good of the greatest number. 

The Boss leader, while fighting among others is always the engine room, the visionary. And while fighting alone, is always the only and the last man standing. In all the battles, either with others or as one man standing, he has always come out triumphant. This is the Boss leader I have known all these years.

To crown it all, he has done what multitude thought impossible, unachievable. A strong armour-bearer and front runner who helps in leading the opposition to take over power from the incumbent. He is like millions of men in one. His vision, calculation, planning are out of this world. In endurance, I score him above others. In the vision, he has no match. In sacrificing he towers above others. In generosity, nothing is regarded by him as too huge to part with. Huh! What a selfless leader I have known.

It is therefore never a mistake, or a misplaced award to Boss by Leadership Newspapers as the Public Service Person of the Year. It is an award well deserved. It is never a surprise and I will consider the honour done by this great man timely and a morale booster to serve Nigerians the more.

Boss Mustapha has always taken all moment to be usually for men with balls, not boys without liver when it has to do with the love of humanity. This giant strides achiever can go to any length to proffer immediate solutions for Nigeria, our land of heritage whenever duty calls. This I constantly see how he workaholic himself in the office of the SGF. Most of the time retiring home at 2-3 am.

Thanks to all people and the Leadership Newspapers for finding him worthy of this special recognition. Your thoughts of award of excellence as the 2020 Public Service Person of the Year and for Presidential Steering Committee as 2020 Public Agency of the Year during 2020 of the company’s Conference and Awards ceremony at the International Conference Centre (ICC) on Thursday, September 9, 2021 in Abuja has made you the eagle with the sparrow’s eye in appreciating selfless service to men who are serving Nigerians with a true heart.

Boss is a man that will always walk tall even during bad times to see things are going well with the country. Indeed, I see him as a stallion and in fact, a lion. I have taken a cursory examination of unfolding developments in Adamawa state, I admire the guts of Boss and his talented leadership skill. I agree this moment calls for utmost sobriety, the sublime characteristic of leadership is expedient when the world will consider people like Boss Mustapha to trust them with responsibility for the sake of humanity.

Bos, is a huge asset to Nigeria, a gift to this nation that his experience and wealth of knowledge are giving the nation a good and promising leadership. Thanks to you Sir, for availing yourself of this noble work.

Dr. Agoso Bamaiyi has once said this in his perception of who Boss Mustapha: “The hallmark of a great leader is not measured in Castle and materials, but in his ability to groom and lead successful discipline. Like a colossus in the jungle of life, your ability to identify, nurture and engage talents is unequaled, your life has been a testimony of human capital development in an unrelenting struggle for a better life. This is what I see in Boss, humility, and tender in heart, a liberator of the oppressed.”

Congratulations Boss Mustapha. Nigerians see you as a radiant hope of the nation where peace and justice shall reign.
Garba, FIMC, FMBD writes fromYola, Adamawa state via[email protected], 08030525759