Abdulmalik urges Nigerian politicians to imbibe democratic tenets

urge’Nigerian Politicians have been charged to imbibe the tenets of democracy as exhibited by those who fought for the enthronement of sustainable democracy in the country.

The Director-General  Kogi State Bureau of Information Services and Grassroots Sensitisation, Mallam  Abdulkarim Abdulmalik, who gave the advice while speaking on Democracy Day celebration appealed to political office holders to take a clue from the heroes of June 12.

According to him “June 12 is to remind our present leaders that they have to do their best, because someday, some people would be talking about them. So, if you are in a leadership position, you should strive to do what pleases the people, so that when you are no more, the people can remain fond of you.”

He added that even when they were not presently appreciated for doing what is right, leaders and stakeholders in the democratic process should not be dissuaded, but keep doing the best.

The DG who commended President Mohammadu Buhari for the initiative of declaring June 12 as democracy day, said it was well conceived and should be a lesson to all that records of good works are never lost.

He said it was laudable that the labour of the pro-democracy group and the martyrs of June 12, especially the late MKO Abiola who died in mysterious circumstances in the quest for the actualization of the adjudged most free and fear election in the country did not go in vain.

Abdulmalik said June 12 would be remembered as revolutionary in the political history of the nation and the beginning of emancipation for the people because it ushered in a new democracy we now enjoy.

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