Abdulmumini Jibrin Kofa and the rest of us

One wonders why political parties in Nigeria would consider an individual as the rightful owner of political party. Actually, a political party should be a supreme entity to each and every party official or member of the said party; membership card is the indication of membership. If you look thoroughly especially at the card issued to an individual, there is nothing that indicates that a member should accept the physical and dynamism of the party that he embraces as the emblem of his desire to improve the quest of his constituents.

One can understand the internal problems of the PeopleRedemption Party (PRP) in 1981, when two of its governors were rebellious to the party over a menial matter regarding the party directive not to attend the nine governors meeting!

The governors felt that attending that meeting offended no one since they just met to discuss the common ground to improving the lots of their people. However, the PRP leadership disagreed and expelled the two PRP governors from the party. But the PRP constitution and manifesto did not expressly give the leadership of the party the power it exercised; all the same it was done to safeguard party supremacy. Now, the internal problem facing the Kano APC regarding the said suspension of one Abdulmumini Jibril from the party is not similar to that of the PRP even when there was an allegation of anti-party activities.

Abdulmumini Jibril, representing Kiru and Bebeji of Kano state in the House of Representatives, might have erred by his outspoken gesture towards the party officials, this has come perhaps over the constant attack from his constituency by the likes of one Ibrahim Tiga who always accused the house member being a stranger from Nasarawa state. This might be the reason the same House of Representatives member thought otherwise as if the whole party is the one instigating Tiga against him. Well, I see no reason anybody would be disturbed if he is accused by being a stranger, especially within Nigeria’s 36.

The constitution is very clear about this, so one can see vividly that an Akwanga man can be governor of Kano state provided he is qualified. For instance, the APC leader, Asiwaju Ahmad Bola Tinubu, hails from Osun state but contested election in Lagos and won. APC Kano should relate carefully what happened to Bauchi and Zamfara; it was such unnecessary crisis that brought about their loss. I believe that AbdulmuminiJibril Kofa has erred by his utterances but he should be forgiven so that the ship of the party can navigate safely to coast with majestic momentum.

I stand for justice and Abdulmumini Jibril Kofa should stop being vocal unnecessarily. He should continue to guard his utterances that led to his suspension even by the legislative house but was saved by the presidency and Governor Ganduje. 

Comrade Ibrahim Abdu Zango,



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