Abuja bomb blast: Stop blaming game, CPALD tells politicians

Centre for Policy Advocacy and Leadership Development (CPALD), an Abuja based non-government organisation had called on politicians to stop a blaming game tactic employed as a result of Nyanya bomb blast that took lives of more than 100 Nigerians on Monday.

The organisation in a statement issued by the programme coordinator, Mr. Tunde Salman, yesterday in Abuja also condemned in the strongest terms, saying that it saddened that “this callous violent attack was well planned to achieve maximum impact given that the target location and the timing, a popular motor park used by more than 5, 000 commuters on daily basis and early morning hours rush when many people are expected to be on their ways to work.”

The NGO also mourned the dead and wishing the injured a speedy recovery, adding that it deeply commiserate with the families of the affected dead victims sharing in the anguish for their beloved lost ones.

It said: “CPALD is very disturbed that despite concerted efforts to address the problem of terrorism in Nigeria in the last five years, violent extremists are becoming more audacious in their nefarious acts of terror which obviously calls for urgent need to explore all other avenues to bring the senseless carnage to an end.

“This is important because while our security agencies are doing their best to protect us and stem the senseless bloodbaths, the terror agents are becoming increasingly successful in carrying out their despicable acts targeting soft locations in densely demographic areas.

“We strongly believe that by now our security/intelligence authorities should have understood how the violent extremists get recruits and financing their operations. As such, they must intensify efforts to identify and crumble the sources of recruitment and funding of terrorism which remains the only proactive means of bringing an end to these barbaric acts.”

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