Abuja branch of World Bank, this is unfair

The Abuja branch of World Bank in Nigeria is gradually losing its integrity due to the alleged ‘sharp’ practices that can better be described as fraud. I wonder why the branch of World Bank in Abuja operates differently from other branches across the world.

You have employed the services of a private security company to help supply guards that would open gate for your staff, to keep night watch, report any suspicious movement, screen those coming and going out of the bank premises and other residences where the staff live.

In the first place, the employment of these contract guards should have been direct but due to the fact that by giving it as contract helps those in charge of it to make money since they get their commission by doing so.

A guard that should reportedly be receiving over N300,000 receives only N80,000 due to the “fraud” imbedded in the system.

As if that is not enough, the guards served for good 10 years. Instead of applauding their hard work their contracts were terminated, offered the same contract to another company to hire the same guards and be paying them N40, 000 as their monthly take home in the name of saving cost. What happened to the N80, 000 that was their monthly take home even though that was still unfair looking at what they should be collecting if their employment was not contracted?

This same thing was allegedly done to the cleaners and gardeners few years ago which resulted to the fainting of some staff, admission of some in different hospitals and many more because they were not able to withstand the shock.

Is this same thing happening in Switzerland, London, South Africa and other places that World Bank has its branches?

My investigation has shown that the over N300, 000 budgeted per one guard, less than N100, 000 goes to a guard and the rest is allegedly shared between the officials of the World Bank handling the contract and the management of a private security company but very little is left for a private guard who has been keeping night watch, opening gate, standing restlessly at all times to ensure all is well at the gate.

This kind of practice is fraud and it is hard time the overall management of the World Bank looked into it.

Those doing this go to Church some to Mosque and both claim to be serving God but the God they serve hates this kind of practice since it is stealing. They should stop, someone should do something to ensure the affected security guards and more get a proper employment with the World Bank and receive what they deserve.

Awunah Pius Terwase,

Mpape, Abuja


[email protected]  

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