Abuja writers take reading culture campaign to schools

The Abuja Chapter of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) has begun its 2019 Children’s Day school outreach program at Surestart Private School, Kubwa.

Blueprint Weekend observed that the school atmosphere was filled fun and excitement. Part of the activities during the outreach include writing coaching section by a former NLNG winner, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim; reading by Chioma Diru from her book, Sodality; drama and poetry presentations by pupils of the school.

In her remarks, the chairman ANA Abuja, Mrs. Halima Usman thanked the school management for welcoming the authors and their resource persons in the school outreach.

According her, reading is essential in preparing the children to become great leaders in the future.

&Sometimes we complain that we don’t have good leaders in Nigeria. It all starts from here. Take your studies seriously. Take your reading seriously. Take everything you do seriously.

“Your parents sent you here so that you could become something they will be proud of in the future. We are here today to celebrate all of you because you are the future of Nigeria. We want you to focus on things for which our country will be proud of you as you grow, Mrs Usman added.

She pointed out that the decision of the association to showcase popular authors and known faces to the children with such event is to encourage them to read and become useful to the society in the future.

&For this reason, we have invited members and friends of the association who have travelled far and wide by the privilege of being authors to show you that you too can be like them if you read very well,& she said.

Mrs Usman added that inculcating reading attitude in the lives of children early in life is an approach to moulding them psychologically and mentally to appreciate the importance of education even in atmosphere of fun.

On her part, the head teacher of the school, Mrs. Christy Nlekwa, expressed gratitude to ANA Abuja for choosing Surestart Private School as the host for this year’s children’s day school outreach.

She, therefore, urged the pupils to take their studies seriously and engage in intensive reading as a way to become great in the future.

&We have a lot to learn from books because they will teach you how to become a better individual. You learn how to grow up as a young girl or a young boy, you learn how to play your role in the society, you even learn how to dress, and how to talk. So, it is very essential that we read books because it gives us a wider knowledge of what we know before& she said.

Also speaking, a popular Nollywood star, Francis Duru urged the pupils to read extra in order to become extraordinary citizens of Nigeria in the nearest future.

&My advice is, everyday learn something new. If you must learn something new, read something new. Whenever you read, you are energising your brain for optimum performance. Knowledge is food to the brain and you must feed your brain very well to let it work better.

&Our authors have produced good books for us. Each day you wake up, read something new to activate your brain, something that will make your brain move from ordinary to extraordinary.

&When you read, you are investing in your future. Each time your teachers give you home work, they are telling you to charge your brain, feed it for the sake of your future and our dear nation.

“So, make sure you do what you need to do to become the greatest scientist, the greatest architect, the greatest biologist, the greatest governor, the greatest president. You can only become these when you read,& he advised.

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