Abuse of social media

Although social media are revolutionizing politics and freedom of speech, to mention a couple, I’m beginning to be afraid of the misuse of these agents of globalisation by the youths in Nigeria. We, the youths, have decided to, either willingly or unwillingly, turn our social media platforms into battlegrounds in which this weapon of development will turn into a weapon of mass destruction. God forbid!

The religious consciousness of Nigerians is to some extent a blessing, but to a greater extent a curse, perhaps because we are not following the teachings of both major religions. Every Nigerian is entitled to a choice in religion, but why are we not respecting our choices? If we cannot do it for the sake of our respective religions or civilization, then let us respect our choices for the sake of peace and prosperity of our dear country.

A harmless Facebook post or a tweet by someone is given religious and ethnic colouration by those who respond or re-tweet.  It is troubling the way young people, even the older generation in some cases, use unprintable language against their fellow citizens.
And this torrent of abuse and name-calling happen on our social media platforms 24/7. Every discussion, be it political or social, is viewed in religious perspective and this has implications on the unity of this great country. While we are busy nursing our democracy, a big danger is following us “bumper to bumper”. Before things get out of control, let us find a solution to it.

Ahmad Jibril,

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