Access Bank, Wigwe emerge winners at 2020 African Banker Awards

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 Access   Bank   PLC   and   its   Group   Managing   Director,   Herbert   Wigwe,   were recognised as winners of the ‘Agriculture Deal of the Year’ and ‘African Banker of theYear’ categories at the 2020 African Banker Awards.

Access Bank was awarded for its role in helping Olam develop their rice operations in Nigeria by using a model hinged on Sustainability. 

On the other hand, Wigwe was recognized for his efforts in leading Nigeria’s Private Sector COVID-19 response,encouraging other corporate climate change conscious business entities across the country to support the Federal Government of Nigeria towards the achievement of 25 per cent unconditional and/or 40 per cent conditional carbon emission reduction as agreed atthe COP24 per the Sustainable Development Goals, amongst others.

Receiving the Agriculture Deal of the Year Award, Wigwe assured that Access Bankwill continue to further Africa’s drive towards local food security, saying, “We areparticularly inspired by this recognition, as it vindicates our approach to running ourorganisation and indeed, our approach to doing business. 

As an institution striving to be   ‘Africa’s   Gateway to the World’,  Access  Bank  is   delighted at   our   capacity  to create a platform that furthers Nigeria’s drive towards the achievement of financial inclusion,   local   food   security,   increased   employment,   improved   water   resource efficiency, among others.”

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