Accident victim abandoned, dies 2 weeks after

An unidentified man has died two weeks after he was knocked down by a hit-and-run vehicle and dumped in the median median of the East-West road in front of the corporate headquarters of Cool WAZOBIA Info FM radio stations, in Rumuosi,in Obio-Akpor local Government area of Rivers State.

For the two weeks that he was left there, the accident victim was at the mercy of the heavy rains and the scorching sun and it was later noticed that his two legs were mangled, another confirmation that he was involved in an auto accident.

The other speculation is that he may have been knocked down by a hit-and-run vehicle and deliberately dumped at the strategic location of radio station to attract attention of relevant authorities.

According to sources closed to the CoolWazobiainfofm,”For sometime, he kept lying there, under rain and sun. We began asking questions and discovered that he may have been hit by a vehicle because his legs were mangled.”

The Radio station acting as a responsible organisation, called on relevant institutions of the State for help. Unfortunately, none of the instructions called could help.

“From the Rivers Ministry of Social Welfare to the Welfare Department of the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, UNIPORT, to the Obio-Akpor Local Government Council and the Rivers State Police command.

“They all gave us one excuse or the other. Even the Non-Governmental Organizations,NGOs that we reached out to referred us back to these institutions.

“He could barely move his body but could be heard muttering. I’m hungry”.

It was gathered that Passersby who heard his shrill and agonizing voice begging for help bought him satchet water and snacks like bread and biscuits,because he became so malnourished.

Even at death, the unidentified man’s corpse is begging for help to be evacuated and buried!

“For two weeks, no help came forth. Now, he’s dead! And we are still begging the institutions responsible for our environment to come remove his corpse.”

Health concerns are being expressed by people living and doing business within the vicinity of where the corpse is raising alarm on the health hazards.

One of traders within the area said:”We knew that he must have hit by a fast moving vehicle and when they saw how he was badly injured he was dumped on the median perhaps to attract attention.

“We are begging the government or relevant agencies to come our aid and remove the corpse, which is fast decomposing.”

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