Adamawa dep gov denies comment on Boko Haram

Deputy Governor of Adamawa state, Barrister Bala James Ngillari, has denied that he said Boko Haram had a good cause and, therefore, their activities were justified.

He was reported to have made the statement on Tuesday at the inauguration of the Adamawa state office of the Citizens Network for Peace and Development in Nigeria.
He said, in a statement, that: “The report even quoted me as saying that Boko Haram has a case, as a lot of them are victims of injustice. They are trying to make a case, we must be fair to them, we must insist on good governance.

“I never said that and never will I say that at any time in whatever capacity, at whatever forum.”
Continuing, he said: “A personality of my social and political standing in the affairs of our dear country, Nigeria, can never condescend to the little level of justifying the activities of a sect that seems all out to exterminate the population from which I emerged; in which I live; from which I savour belonging, comfort, love and affection; and which I am most opportune to lead in my privileged capacity.”

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