Adamawa’s revenue generation amidst Covid-19

The Adamawa State Board of Internal Revenue has substantially increased the revenue base of the state during the pandemic of Covid-19, that has ravaged the world. The board tremendously pushed the revenue being generated high in the state in spite of Covid-19.
This was made possible because of the stand taken by the board Chairman, Alhaji Hamman Adama Njabari, by creating points of sale terminal that were deployed to ministries, departments and agencies by the lead bank to mop up all cash and electronic payments to government coffers.

The board also introduced online renewal of motor vehicle registration in the state, the first of its kind in the country.
The chairman also introduced the cloud-based ticketing devices being developed to check shoddy deals by tax collectors in the board. This has greatly helped in getting the desired revenue generated to supplement the funds from the federation account for the government to be in a position to deliver the dividend of democracy to the people.
The present administration of Governor Umaru Fintiri’s political will to support the board and make it an autonomous institution has raised the internally generated revenue of the state by 49 per cent within a short period of time.

In order to achieved that, the chairman motivated the staff by giving them incentives to boost their morale and be efficient as well as effective in the discharge of their official function.
He also introduced Saturday as a working day to enable people obtain their licenses and motor vehicle registration. Information dissemination as a key of creating awareness on the people to know the importance of paying their tax was given due consideration by the chairman as pamphlets and flyers were printed for the people in different languages of the state on the need to pay tax.

It is only through paying of taxes, that government can be in the position of delivering the dividend of democracy.
It is crystal clear, that for any government to provide the dividend of democracy to the people, it has to have a solid revenue base. It’s because of this fact, that the chairman is leaving no stone unturned in meeting the aspiration of the people towards generating enough revenue for the government.
The board in the first place has rejuvenated the staff by providing a conducive environment for efficiency through renovating the offices as well as providing office assesories to get the best out of them.
The emphasis of the present board is tilted towards having enough revenue base for the government to carry out its numerous tasks of providing succour to the people of the state especially at this period, that the world is facing challenges because of the Covid-19.

The Fintiri administration has so far provided the enabling environment for revenue generation to thrive. This is because of the commitment shown by the chairman and his able directors, who are helping him to steer the ship of the board in the last three years now.
The mechanism for total commitment was put in place by the board for the staff to exhibit efficiency in the discharge of official functions. Considering the harsh economic realities occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic, the board was able to make a breakthrough in revenue generation in Adamawa state.

The board has within the pandemic period spread its tentacles in pursuing revenue due to the government though it relaxed certain taxes for the business community to soften the effects of Covid-19. This has gone a long way in making business to thrive during the pandemic and give a sense of belonging to the people.
The Fintiri administration of is trying its best by extending the desired cooperation to the board in revenue generation through the engagement of consultants working hand in hand.

Usman Santuraki,
No2, Santuraki Close,
Demsawo, Jimeta, Yola

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