Adamu and a new era in Zamfara APC 

APC National chairman Senator Abdullahi Adamu

Senator Abdullahi Adamu strikes me as a great politician, a wise elder and a strong force and a master in the muster of authority. When he was the Governor of Nasarawa state, I was privileged to once meet him in person at his seat of power. That was about 20 years ago. He was full of confidence then, very authoritative and energetic as he carried himself all around with uncommon air of self-confidence.
When the All Progressives Congress, APC, returned him overwhelmingly, as its national chairman at this critical era of our transition, I am one of the believers in this wisdom as the party could not have gotten a better person to steer it out of the present troubled waters of a challenging 2003 general elections. Very older now, I still see in Senator Adamu, even better, leader in him.

Zamfara state is one geographical portion the APC cannot afford to joke with. It did in 2019 and paid a dire consequence. If not for the wisdom and courage of Governor Bello Mohammed Matawwale who carried the day in another party, the APC would have been groaning in its big loss by now, and indeed, would have lost a stronghold that can decide its national fate in 2003.
However, with the central administration of Zamfara state fully in the APC, once again, a draconic political schism was threatening to further tear the party apart due to serious internal cracks that could have threatened the survival of the party in the near future. That is not to say the leadership of the party at present could not have its way if it wishes, but the interest of Zamfara state and the future if its political cohesion is paramount.
Hence, Governor Bello Mohammed, who now holds the four aces, in his abundant wisdom, bent down to lift up all the stakeholders who entirely lost the battle to him. In a designed structure of peace and reconciliation, the governor has, for the past six months, made frantic efforts to appease those with reservations over his re-entry into the main political party in the state with little success recorded.
Today, under the leadership of Senator Abdullahi Adamu, we are now witnessing a reconciliation never done in similar seriousness before. We have now seen a scientific approach to reconciling our local politicians into thinking of Zamfara state instead of personal enclaves.
The question of who wins and who is vanquished does not arise in this new development. As much as those in authority can have their way by whatever means, the others cannot have a peace of mind if they are not embraced by those in power and authority. In Zamfara state, no serious politician dare leaves the APC. In truth, however, every one needs every other one in Zamfara state. And that is better for the interest of healthy politics and a more peaceful Zamfara state.
We cannot but again, commend the altruistic APC National Chairman Senator Abdullahi Adamu for the milestone and epoch attempt at unifying Zamfara APC stakeholders. As we await the nitty gritty of the new steps to be taken, we live to see how the implementation of this new strategy will play out for the interest of our politicians, our people and our dear state at large.
Sanusi Zailani,Gusau, Zamfara state