Adazi-Ani to the world: The journey of ASPIRE FC

What started out as a group of young men leisurely playing football in a community field has now grown to become a force to be reckoned with. It all started sometime in June 2018, when some young players were spotted in the field playing with passion and enthusiasm. They had only been playing for fun and just to keep fit, hoping that one day, there would be a light at the end of the tunnel. Little did they know that that light was already shinning at the end of the tunnel and patiently waiting for them. 

When Dr Emeka Okeke (Founder/CEO RISE Clinic Nigeria) noticed the zeal, passion and determination in these young lads, he summoned them, and asked- “Do you believe that you can become somebody through football?”  He asked again, “Is Football what you want to do?” They all echoed “YES!” And that was the beginning of what is now known as ASPIRE FC ADAZI-ANI. The name Aspire Fc was born out of the players’ hunger for success and their hopes to achieve great heights in football.  The name also functions as a resounding encouragement for the young lads to keep the passion burning and soar to the apex of their dreams.

The boys never imagined that their regular evening two aside soccer could turn to a bigger and Stronger Club until when Dr Emeka Okeke, a philanthropist in all ramifications registered the club on the 12th December, 2018 with Nation-Wide League Two, and Anambra FA; which gave them an automatic ticket to participate in Anambra FA Cup 2019 as well as Nation-wide League Two Division 2019… (The registration paper).

The official screening which was spearheaded by Coach Mike Eze Nwakpa began on the 16th of March and lasted till the 18th of March in 2019. It ended with 35 players being signed to the Aspire football club.

The zeal and morale of these young players have been so high that they engaged FC Ifeanyi Ubah in a Friendly match which ended in 2-1 in favour of FC Ifeanyi Ubah, but it was a tough game….. (Video clips/Picture of The Match). 

Their first official match at the Anambra FA Cup 2019 was against Peace FC Awka, whom they beat by three goals to nothing. They played 5 matches in total, including the Finals.

They beat ogbaru FC, All stars FC, Udala FC which brought them to the finals against Defending champions, Feeder FC Ifeanyi Ubah. They also defeated FC Ifeanyi Ubah who had won the cup 4 times in a row to now become the Anambra FA champions at barely 2 months of age.

The young players of Aspire FC, Anambra FA champions will be flying the Anambra Banner at the Nation-wide Division 2 league coming up soon. The team is now tenaciously training for the National tournament, under the tutelage of Head coach Obinna Lampard and Assistant Coach Chikodi O. Anya.

The journey and development of Aspire FC has been a truly fascinating one. Now, they are no longer the same group of village boys who go around playing football in the street, but a nationwide recognized club aspiring to be the best in Soccer.

Chisom Omeokachie is a media executive for ASPIRE FC

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