ADC chides Baba Ahmed over comment

The African Democratic Congress (ADC) has condemned a statement credited to the director of publicity and advocacy of the Northern Elders Forum, Dr Hakeem Baba- Ahmed, where he stated that the North has the population to retain power in and lead Nigeria.

The ADC warned that elites should desist from statements that is capable of plunging the country into chaos.

In a statement yesterday by the party’s national chairman, Chief Ralphs Okey Nwosu, described the statement by the Northern Elders Forum spokesperson as “divisive, provocative, reckless and incitive.”

The party chieftain noted that it is democratic and fair to give everyone equal opportunity to build a United country than employ divisive tendencies based on primordial and ethnic sentiments which according to him will destroy the country.

Chief Nwosu who urged elders to be unifiers of the country noted that it was necessary to build a nation that can employ our rich diversity values for quality and endearing policies.

The statement reads in parts “I am infuriated when any of our respected public intellectuals sounds this way. Reducing our rich knowledge to North and South thinking creates the kind of dichotomy that impedes development and the kind of national cohesion needed to leverage our various people.

Holding unto leadership by any group and creating the kind of poverty, insecurity and division we have now leverages none.

Elites must become unifiers so that we can build a nation that is able to employ our rich diversity values for quality and endearing public policies. Public policies that are just and non discriminatory.

In a multi ethnic country like ours, it is important we give every one a sense of belonging to build a united country. I feel seriously that aiming to use the gaps in the democratic process to dominate others or threaten them hurts everyone.

“We need to develop an elite culture that is beyond myopic prism. Our elites should really begin to challenge the status quo so that we can inspire our youths towards a direction that creates harmony, prosperity, security, peace and opportunities for all.

“Hakeem and many of our elites in the public space should realise that they model the way for all others especially the youths each time they mount any podium”, he said.