Adieu, Muh’d Danladi Mamu

Late Mallam Muhammad Danladi Mamu was a well trained and learned educationist. He was born into the family of a sound scholar Mallam Mamu Duba Gari. He was a brother to the publisher of Desert Herald, Mallam Tukur Mamu.
He was the principal of GDJSS Dorawa, Kara and Mamudo, He was recently appointed as a director in Yobe Ministry of Education, Zonal Inspectorate Director, Potiskum zone.

I met him around 2012 when he was serving as the principal of GDJSS Dorawa and coincidentally I was a student there.
Luckily, the white heat had been warm in between I and him, he treated me with kindness. He was the first person who introduced himself to me as a mentor and today I’m proud of being one of his products. He played tremendous behind the scene role in my life. He was among the individuals that contributed to my being where I am today.

I recall when he recommended me to be among the students to participate in scholarship examination to the senior secondary school sponsored by Yobe state government. And I’m glad that I didn’t disappoint him. I made the score to Federal Science and Technical College, Orozo, Abuja. Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky to attend the school for some reasons.
During Mallam’s service at GDJSS Dorawa, he did not use a whip on any of his students as a punishment.

A year later, I was invited to attend the graduation ceremony of students of IQRA Islamic and Science Academy, Potiskum. Moments after our arrival at the event hall, which was crowded and populated, I heard some melodious words blowing proficiently from the learned mind pronounced by a lettered tongue. I asked my friend Hashim who accompanied me to the event if can you guess the lord of this elucidated voice, sounding from the mic. He said actually not, and I replied intuitively, “this must be M.D Mamu”. Unknowingly, he was the guest speaker at the event.

After the closure of the event we went to him, and greated him. He replied honourably, “Ali Tijjani it’s you here”, jokingly, ‘how was your study I hope you are making it better. Keep making us proud. Unfortunately, it was raining, then he said, ‘let me drive you home’ but I turned down the offer, saying, ‘Thank you Sir!
After then we didn’t meet again.

A week after, I had a problem I thought he could solve. I went to Mallam Musbornu (Mallam Alhaji) who served in Mamu’s administration as Registrar of GDJSS Dorawa, and asked him for M.D Mamu’s phone number and he gave me. I kept calling his number for about three days but it was switched off. I then back to Mallam Alhaji and told him that may be the number he gave me was incorrect. But he insisted it’s correct. He said he forgot to tell me that he was ill, and admitted to hospital in Kaduna. I said, ‘Allah Sarki, Allah ya bashi lafiya’!
The following day, around 2:00pm I turned On my phone’s data connection, to check my WhatsApp boxand saw his pictures soaring in many of our friend’s status with an epitaph.

Dear Sir, you’re indeed a good mentor to me. I wish you lived longer to celebrate my success with you. I wish one day I will receive a letter on my desk signed with your Arabic signature. Unfortunately, these wouldn’t happen but my prayers are always with Mallam.
Good night mentor!

Ali Tijjani Hassan
[email protected]