Adieu my friend Wakilin Arewa Nupe, Abdulrahman

Innalilahi Wainailaihim Rajihun

Sunday, 28th November, 2021 will ever remain one of the days I will not forget easily.

After returning from my routing morning exercises in Minna, I was sitting outside answering a call when another call came in and the caller was my friend, Musa Aliyu, I pick up the call and after exchanging pleasantries, he asked me, if I am aware that Abdulrahman Hussaini has passed on early this morning, I asked him which of the Abdulrahmans is he talking about, he responded that Abdulrahman our friend, I said haba this can’t be, true.

He then urged me to please confirm again, immediately put a call through his lines and they were all switched off. Before I finished calling his lines, Musa called back again with a sober voice to informed me that it has been confirmed that our friend has passed on.

The first words that came out from my mouth was Innalilahi Wainailaihim Ilaihim Rajihun (we are from Allah swt and to Him we shall return).

Immediately, tears started rolling down my cheeks, and I became devasted because I and Abdulrahman were together at his Abuja office the previous Wednesday 24th, November 2021,and as far as I know he was full of life and there was no sign that we were having our last discussions.

Though, I could remembered vividly that most of our discussions that day centred on how people are dyeing these days.. We rounded the discussions up by praying Allah swt to grants us good ending when our own time comes. He then left for a Meeting in Minna which was scheduled for Thursday morning.

On Friday 26th, November 2021, on our way to Minna for the weekend we saw him coming to Abuja from Minna, I immediately called his line, but he was not picking his call, i now sent him a text that we saw him now going to Abuja, he immediately responded with an apology that he didn’t hear his phone ring, he then wish us safe trip to Minna and promised to call later,. Only to be told Sunday morning that he has passed on.

I met late Alh Abdulrahman Hussaini (Wakilin Arewa Nupe) in 2004 when he was with Leadership Newspapers Abuja, but we became intimate when he joined us at People Daily Newspaper in Abuja, as the Manager Business Development, while I was the Manager Marketing and Musa Aliyu was the Manager Advert, We worked together in the same department which increases our intimacy.

Even when I left for leadership Newspapers, we still maintained the good relationship.

When vacant positions were advertised in the Daily Trust Newspapers, he was reluctant to apply , but as friends, we encouraged him to do so and hints him on how to go about it, fortunately he was considered for the job , where he worked and resigned last year to establishes his own Media outfit, the AK Global Concept Limited the publisher of INCLUSION MAGAZINE.

Late Alh Abdulrahman Hussaini was kind, generous and ever ready to assist family, friends. Colleagues and any person that seeks his assistance financially and otherwise .He does not know how to say no to any request,. Even at our Amala joint in Utako ,Abuja where we used to take our lunch , he used to foot the bills any time he comes around.

Late Abdulrahman also have passion to uplift the sufferings of the less privileges and people with disabilities.and dedicated his Magazine for that.

Because of his generosity and love by his people, the Etsu Nupe and Chairman Niger State Council of Traditional Rulers Alhaji Dr Yahya Abubakar earlier this year turbanned him as the WAKILI AREWA NUPE….

Intact, a perfect gentleman has departed, The memories of the little time that we spent together will forever remain in me..May Allah swt forgive your shortcomings and grant you Aljanat Firdaus Aamen. . May Allah swt also comfort the family that you left behind.

Adiu Abdulrahman, Abokina till we meet again!

Baba is the ED, Operations at National Express Newspaper, Abuja. He can be reached @ [email protected]