ADP is one of the youngest political parties in the country, how much contribution has your party made to grow this democracy?

We have changed the face of democracy in Nigeria since we came on board because before we came new parties were registered. Apart from the APC, and merger during Attahiru Jega’s time, I can’t remember the number of parties that were registered until we put a lot of pressure on INEC, they had to register us.

When we were registered, it was like a bank because then, the political space had to be re-arranged. We are the fastest growing party in Nigeria, if you like you can say in Africa because today we have offices all the states. We have our structures, and we are growing stronger by the day because of the charade happening in both the PDP and APC as regards congresses.

So, we believe that the coming of ADP has been a saving grace, something has saved democracy in this country because everybody can see that democracy was facing immediate collapse in this country. Nigerians have rejected the PDP because of the stealing and corruption that were endemic in that administration.

Today, Nigerians have become dejected with the APC because what was sold to them was damage. Buhari is not what they thought they were told. It was like they just put Buhari there and then brought another person’s profile

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