ADP writes Oyegun, condemns APC’s attitude to governance

The National Chairman of Action Democratic Party (ADP), Nigeria’s new Mega party has berated what it decribed as ‘slow motion’ attitude of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) government in finding immediate and long-term solution to the growing level of hunger, poverty and cases of renewed suicide bombing ravaging the country.

In an open letter addressed and delivered to the National Chairman of APC in Abuja, titled ‘Wakeup’, ADP National Chairman, Engr. Yabaji Yusuf Sani, expressed worry that despite the myriads of problems bedeviling the country, hunger in particular, “the ruling party still carry on as if all is well whereas the nation is going down.”

In a statement signed Wednesday in Abuja by the ADP Director of Publicity, Kayode Jacob, it also attacked the APC “for allowing its men in government to carelessly sing discordant tunes on policy delivery and acts of governance which shows that the APC runs an uncoordinated government.”

According to him, the letter, “a wakeup call, would not have been necessary but it is clear that if the APC carry on in government in this manner, Nigeria may be brought to her knees and Nigerians will be the worst for it.”

He advised the party to be more open on government spending and on the status of the successes on Bokoharam earlier celebrated.

As a government pursuing the eradication of corruption, “your body language must align with your commitment to anti-corruption,” he said.

Sani noted that the ADP will from now on engage the APC and its government in meaningful and purposeful opposition which he described as “an antidote lacking due to the self-destruction of PDP.

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