AE-FUTHA CMD cries out against fruadsters, says institution not employing

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Chief Medical Director of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Teaching Hospital Doctor Emeka Onwe-Ogah Wednesday cried out against activities of fraudsters.

He said the institution has no recruitment exercise going on at the moment.

Ogah added that the hospital last conducted employment exercises in 2019 and warned the general public not to give money to anybody in the name of securing employment opportunity with the institution.

He said: “Every moment, people will just be saying we are employing and they are using that to defraud innocent citizens of Nigeria, collecting money from people and they will be using my name.

“Every now and then, you go to facebook, they will be using my name that I said you should pay this, you should pay that. We have been making several disclaimer to the media, we are not employing. We have just advertised for internship, housemanship not inclusive because that one is now done centrally. They will use it to defraud people that we have advertised for employment and changed some things and they will tell them there is a special list in Abuja.

“Some people have defrauded others to the tune of N18million and they are with the police. We have reported some cases to DSS. Any time we are employing, we will tell you yes that AE-FUTHA is employing or no, AE-FUTHA is not employing.

“I have advocated that whenever they catch people defrauding, they should be prosecuted and the people who gave them the money because people are giving them the money and that is why they keep defrauding people.

“AE-FUTHA is not doing any employment. We have only advertised for internship. The last time we employed was December 2019. Should we have any reason to employ, we will follow the normal process”, he said.

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