After 15 years in jail, NGO demands Rev. King’s release


A non-governmental organisation, Paths of Peace Initiative (PPI), has called for the immediate release of popular Lagos cleric, Chukwuemeka Ezeugo also known as Reverend King, condemned to death in 2006 for  killing one of his female worshippers by pouring petrol on her. 
The NGO asserted unequivocally that, Rev. King deserved freedom based on the prevailing situation in the country, in spite of his death penalty and subsequent confinement in Maiduguri prison where he awaits execution.
The group pointed out that the recent release and pardon granted both members of the dreaded insurgents, Boko Haram, and many other condemned armed robbers, kidnappers and killer herdsmen in Lagos and other parts of the country, has necessitated their call as the man of God still expresses innocence of the crime.

President of the NGO, Maverick Dandy Eze, who stated this in an interview last weekend recalled the release and pardon granted both armed robbers and suspected killers of our democratic heroine, Kudirat Abiola in Lagos.
Eze wondered why “in good conscience and human consideration,” Rev. King should not be equally released after 15 years of his incarceration.
“This is more so when he is known to have continued to plead innocent of the crime. We strongly feel that he deserves freedom now and not tomorrow.”

He noted that the existence of the PPI predated 2006 when Rev. King allegedly committed the offence stressing that his organisation was in the forefront of calls for appropriate punishment to be meted on him when the story blew open. 
He added that PPI also keenly followed developments on the case until he was condemned to death.
“After his condemnation and the delay in carrying out his execution for 15 years, coupled with the shocking and condemnable posture of government over deadly criminals, it is not out of place for such a case to be reviewed especially with his insistence that he did not commit the crime.

“The way out is for government to, not only grant Reverend King freedom but, release him unconditionally without delay. Also, I think there is a provision in law that after 15 years, the fate of condemned people can be reviewed. It is in this regard that we are calling for his immediate release. What is worth doing is worth doing well. It is better for a million criminals to be freed than one innocent man to be condemned,” the NGO noted.