After 5 years: Can Buhari keep abreast of the situations?

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The declaration of President Muhammadu Buhari as the winner of the 2015 Presidential Polls in what was widely accepted as free, faiir and crediblel election is a situation of interest to history and a test of evocative power play as well as understanding of the political terrain Nigeria has ever witnessed in recent times. It appears that Mr. Buhari deployed all available tactics to ensure that he won the primary and secondary elections.

Courage, endurance, fearlessness, doggedness and above all self-sacrifice are the qualities required of any progressive leader. A leader who cannot exhibit these qualities in their fullness would not be able to lead a nation.

To President Buhari, his cabinet plus well-wishers much have been given in five-year, of us much is required.

Before 2015 elections, Mr. Buhari was a civilization, more than a leader or nation. Let us not mince words here: his administration has failed to bring Nigeria out of the woods, not anywhere near-near in capacity to deliver Nigeria out of the woods. He has also failed to rise up to the expectations of the good people of Nigeria.

Mr. Buhari established and showcased himself to Nigerians as a symbol of determination, integrity, honesty, patriotism, resilience, dedication, transparency as well as stoicism, as they say, but with due respect – he is lacking in spirit. Because it is by spirit that a man serves.

In five-year, Buhari had turned a blind eye to Nigerian law, disrespected the judiciary, ignored every electoral promise and embraced nepotism as standard procedure in leadership. This is quite perilous.

In 2014 – on 10/12/2014 to be precised, Mr. Buhari was reported to have said that, he will govern with constitution and rule of law. “I will honesty govern Nigeria in accord with the constitution and rule of law,” Is he governing with constitution and rule of law?
Similarly, on 26/2/2015, he said, “On corruption, there will be no confusion as to where l stand. Corruption will have no place and the corrupt will not be appointed into my administration,” Is this administration not seeding and initiating another level of corruption? Is it free of corrupt people?

On 26/3/2015, Mr. Buhari said, “…if Nigeria does not kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria. We must not allow Nigeria to die…” Where are we heading to? Nigeria is chronically sick at the moment! What did Mr. President do in t case of the officials who annually pad the budget or divert monies into their private pockets, loot resources for example the Global Funds? Where are the allegations made by Abdulmumin Jibrin? What about the incessant looting of humanitarian assistance?

Did Buhari set himself or defend his character in the case of MTN fine where his late Chief of Staff was alleged to have helped himself to #500m bribe?
What about the cases of Babachi David Lawal and Oke Ayo; Adulrasheed Maina, Abdulrahman Danbazau former Minister for Internal Affairs, Kano State Governor Adbdullahi Umar Ganduje, the case involving Chief of Army Staff General Yusuf Buratai among others?

Also, on 29/5/2015, Buhari promised not to encroach on the duties and functions of the legislative and judicial arms of government. Is he not encroaching? He is part and parcel of a conspiracy against the legal process in selecting the leaders of the two Chambers.

How can one expect rationality when those in the control of power and economy at every level did not get their on the basis of merit.

On 29/5/2015, he said, “It is a national shame that an economy of 180 million generates only 4,000 MW, and distributes even less,” How many MW has he produced? They are just fooling time after time with lies and convoluted reasoning. And this was testified by the current minister of Power.

Talking about national identity, there are no Nigerians except those in public office. These old crop politicians are bound to conceal their ego and nepotistic propensity. Most Nigerian politicians are narcissistic, egoistic and egocentric.

Buhari, the less compromising man is the soul, the spirit and the building block of APC. This party chronically under performed considering their ultimate desire for CHANGE. The APC poor performance was widely attributed to its chronic disorganization and the crises within its ranks in many states arising from acrimonious primary elections.

This administration lacks focus demonstrated by the absence of good government policies on education, electricity, healthcare, security and industrial development. Even though they did fairly well in the area of agriculture.

After the 2019 elections in many states, people felt that they were cheated in a spontaneous way because of their strong desire for change.
Culture of impunity, bad governance, deception and inciting political statements have become the order of the day.

The political landscape is increasingly becoming intolerant. We have been polarized ideologically and politically. Today, we see counter directives between federal government and state government in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. This explains how we are disconnected from the trajectory of governance. We have systematically edged out from governance equation.

Therefore, the current situation together with COVID-19 pandemic and the unwitting spread of paranoia by some media organizations could provoke social revolution unless measures were taken to improve people’s lives and conditions.

There are a lot of anticipated changes that the nation is hopeful will take place. The education system is in desperate need of reconstruction. The issue of electricity, healthcare as well as protection of lives and properties. Insensitivity in governance, insincerity and injustice in politics must be checked.

Nigeria has a lot of potentials waiting for the right leadership to harness. We need forthright leaders to move the nation forward.

May Allah see through these trying times — And may Allah save us from us!

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