Agaje ni mu gyara: Reviving North’s norms and values

 Back in the days, the northern societies of Nigeria had essential norms, immanent values and the level of decency was high. The people then respected one another, parents sent their children for religious education along with necessary stuffs without them succumbing to beg for survival. Moreover, leaders at all levels had spirited moral compass whereby they impacted on the lives of their people positively not like now that they are there to fatten their accounts.

 ‘‘Agaje ni mu gyara’ is, therefore, a programme aimed at revamping and redeeming the lost values that accelerate individual and societal developments, hence reducing crimes and making communities free from all vices. It would act as agent against enmity amongst people, political autocracy, religious sentiments and several other issues.

The first area that the programme would concentrate on is making businesses profitable, both buyers and sellers of goods and services would be transacting without much suffering; thereby lessening burdens they may encounter. In the past, markets operated on specific days and with few people covering hundreds of kilometers to buy or sell stuffs but nowadays, technological advancements have brought more ease; people buy their desires from their comfort zones, using market websites.

Still, despite all these transformations and innovations, some erring individuals and groups venture into such platforms not to help but to defraud. They open websites, send text messages, call their targets on phones and convince them; in turn, unsuspecting victims end-up losing huge amount of money and valuables.
 Our grandparents told us that during their time, neighbours bore responsibilities of their fellow, they ate together, punished children of neighbours whenever they are wrong, pay their school fees like their own biological children and commended them to do more when they did good which inspired them to put in more efforts in those directions.

Usman Abdullahi Koli,Potiskum, Yobe state

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