Agenda for Betara Aliyu

The recent appointment of Hon Muktar Aliyu Betara as the chairman of the Appropriation Committee of the House of Representatives has clearly demonstrated his humility, diligence, hard work and honesty.

His appointment to that position by the Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila is not by happenstance, considering Betara’s background as an articulate accountant and a hardworking and diligent public servant. He earned his reputation through his dynamism and patriotic efforts since he joined the House of Representatives more than 10 years ago. He likes his people and he has been doing his best for them all over his constituency in Borno state.

As a person who has followed his trajectory at his place of work and at home as well as at the House of Representatives I am not surprised by his recent appointment to head the Appropriation Committee.

Those of us who know Betara Aliyu very well will readily attest to his commitment to his assignments, honesty, due diligence and hard work towards achieving his set objectives and programmes.

His appointment as chairman of the appropriation committee by the speaker clearly shows his level of acceptance and high degree of respect being accorded to him by the principal officers of the House.

My agenda to Betara is that in the present situation which Nigeria has found itself, the appropriation committee under Betara must strive to give the nation workable budgets and honest advice on how to successfully implement all its objectives aimed at helping the masses. With him at the helm of the committee I feel the house has done the right thing as far as appropriation in this country is concerned.

Leadership is all about service. It does not come with airs. The people will identify with a good leader as soon as they realise that the leader they are dealing with really wants to serve them honestly and diligently.

Hon Muktar Aliyu Betara is the 52-year-old accountant representing Biu-Bayo-Shani-Kwayakusar federal constituency in Borno state for the third term. His constituency, numbering about two million people, are mostly agrarian are anxious about the re-election of Aliyu to represent them again at the National Assembly.

Ibrahim Biu,


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