Agent petitions IG over alleged threat to life

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The agent in charge of sales and management of Gbagwalada International Market in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mr Babatunde Akintade, has written a petition to the Inspector General of Police,and the Department of Sate Security (DSS) over alleged threat to his life by the former Military Administrator of Ogun state, Commodore Kayode Olofinmonyi (Retd.).

Akindade in a petition submitted to the Force Headquarters, and copied the National Human Rights Commission and Board of Directors, FinaMedia Global Services Limited, Abuja, alleged that Olofinmonyi threatened to “deal” with him.

In the petition dated July 23rd, 2021 and signed by his lawyers, Barristers Jimmy Kadiri and Owhor Clever N. respectively, he alleged that Olofinmonyi, the Chairman of Finamedia Global Services LTD., has had cause to deploy soldiers working for him against him.

“I wish to officially report that Commodore Kayode Olofinmonyi (Retd.), the chairman of finamedia global services LTD, has had cause to deploy soldiers working for him against our client.

“That our client has been in the employment of Finamedia Global Services LTD for about five years as an agent responsible for the sales and management of shops within the market.
“That findings revealed that Commodore Kayode Olofinmonyi (Retd.) has always been deploying military personnel to harass people in the market before our client was employed by him, and that they have been similar petitions in the past before your office.

“That this lawless acts of Commodore Kayode Olofinmonyi (Retd.) have continued unabated untill on the 18th of July 2021 when our client became a victim.
“That on the date, 18th July 2021, our client was invited to the Gwagwalada International Market by Commodore Kayode Olofinmonyi (Retd.) where our he was brutally assaulted by soldiers attached to Commodore Kayode Olofinmonyi (Retd.).

“That one of the soldiers attached to Commodore Kayode Olofinmonyi Retd., pulled the trigger and attempted to shoot out our client but the intervention of some persons in the market prevented the execution of the threat.
“That in the course of altercation with the marketers who came to intervene with the situation, our client was able to take photograph of Commodore Kayode Olofinmonyi, Retd., with his soldiers at the Gwagwalada International Market.

“That our client said Commodore Kayode Olofinmonyi, Retd., threaten to deal with him whenever he has opportunity to do so.
“That our client’s life is at risk and he feels very uncomfortable and unsafe to go about his normal businesses for the fear on his life.
“In view of the above, we are constraint (sic) to implore your good office to intervene in this matter and invite Commodore Kayode Olofinmonyi (Retd.) to address the issues raised by our client in this petition in the interest of justice and to avert the infringment of life and property of our client”, the petition read.

But when contacted, Olofinmonyi described the petition against him as frivolous, stating that he would honour the police invitation on Wednesday, August 18.

He alleged that Akintade who he called his staff also abused him, stating that he had also reported him to the police.

“The police has invited me and I’m going to honour their invitation on Wednesday August 18 2021. So, Akintade is a staff of Finamedia Global Services LTD., and he is now claiming that he is the saviour of the company,” he alleged.

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