Aghughu: A technocrat with passion to transform OAuGF

There’s time for everything so posited the holy books. Unequivocally, there’s a time to be born, and a time to die. Once more, a noble philosopher may be very precise to say that nothing lasts forever. Of course, there’s nothing on earth that last forever. Only Almighty God, the creator of heaven and earth, is everlasting, every human being on the planet earth as well as all creations have time limit. In this connection, nobody needs the service of soothsayers to know that whatever leadership position, be it an ordinary position or levels an individual is occupying at official status, can best be saying to be time-based. Just like a blink of an eye, everything has become a past tense. In all conscience, the world we are living in is indeed a playground, we don’t need to be so egoistic of whatever positions God has placed us! We should at all-time make positive use of the chances God allocated to us to better the lives of the larger society God positioned us to serve. 

Meanwhile, some people who feel they are all in all in most cases abused public offices with no single respect for the rule of law. They misbehave, do whatever they want with impunity, without according any respect to the government authority that placed them in leadership positions. Some go all out to loot public treasury with abandon or show any iota of kindness for the general masses they were employed to serve. Honestly, the world is not justifiable at all. This is why we are at the moment having all manner of challenges across the globe and especially in the African continent where our beloved country Nigeria is accorded with great respect of leading as its giant. Well, I can go on and on regarding Nigerian leaders that are on daily basis abusing leadership positions for their own gluttony, greedy and selfish motives.

Nevertheless, let me go off at a tangent and bring to cognisance the unmatchable leadership qualities of Aghughu Adolphus JP, FCCA, FCTI, MCFI, one of Nigeria’s national and international technocrats who has not only used his leadership prowess to positively transform the Office of the Auditor General of the Federation, OAuGF, that he is piloting and as well at the edge of exit, as its number one hench man,. As a result of his landmark achievements, he was unanimously elected as the chairperson of African Board of External Auditors and president AFROSAI-WGEA. 

This is why several public affairs analysts who are proud of his incomparable achievements as the Auditor General of the Federation are worried with some unverifiable assertions being sponsored by some disgruntled elements who are desperately deploying all negative means within their power in order to destroy the hard earned reputation of Aghughu Adolphus so that they can in-turn be appointed as auditor general of the federation. Too childish and indeed very laughable one may say. 

You see, power comes from Almighty God, and he gives it to whoever he wishes. So, let me kindly appeal to both inhouse staff of the Office of the Auditor General of the Federation and some members of the general public that are deploying all available arsenal in order to achieve their selfish and greedy aims of becoming the auditor general of the federation to look on to God and to as well allow their pedigree to speak for them. 

This is very true because a position as sensitive and highly important as that of auditor general of the federation cannot be given to an unqualified or non-professional individual who may not even in any sense have vast knowledge and proficiencies in the field of auditing. So, for those who are busy applying all kinds of unverifiable gimmicks against the hard earned image of Adolphus Aghughu, I urge them to calm down, because, it’s God Almighty who has the final approval.

Before I forget, Aghughu within the last two years of his tenure which is almost coming to a close on September 9, 2022, has greatly recorded unimaginable achievements which many political and public affairs analysts describes as the best thing that has ever happened to the Office of the Auditor General of the Federation since it was established many decades ago. Due to space constraints, I may not be able to highlight all the achievements, but let me itemise just a few.

Being a man of excellence, Aghughu on his assumption as Auditor General of the Federation, immediately commenced the total renovation of the entire office complex hosting the office of the Auditor General of the Federation, popularly known as the Audit House, situated at the Central Business District, Abuja. He also as a technocrat coupled with his quest to ensure good health delivery for every staff of the Audit House, established a staff clinic within the premises of the Audit House. 

He also reconstructed OAuGF entrance gate to an international standard in order to guarantee security of lives and properties in view of the current global insecurities situation. The gate and all doors leading to every offices of the Audit House are fully equipped with automatic bollards. He also, in collaboration with the Center for Democracy and Development, established Financial Forensic Laboratory. Its establishment paved the way for the induction of 34 Forensic Auditors of the OAuGF by the Forensic Computer Institute of Nigeria. He also bought more vehicles and used his position of authority to facilitate the donation of office vehicles from the World Bank.

He made a way for the opening of more state branches of the Office of the Auditor General of the Federation as well as uplifting some of the already existing state office to global standard. Another pace he set that till today is making all the staff to sing praises of him is the remodeling of the federal headquarters 40 seater hall to an international standard, fully equipped with modern facilities. He also cleared all the outstanding allowances of all the staff and ensured their promotion in order to guarantee a hitch free service delivery from the staff. 

Adolphus Aghughu as chairperson of African Union Board of External Auditors, successfully organised the conference of auditor generals in Nigeria. He also secured an approval to audit and clear all allowances of former Nigerian leaders including presidents, heads of service, etc. 

Honestly, if am to itemise all the earthshaking achievements of Adolphus Aghughu space won’t be enough. However, let me end this piece by also letting the world know that Adolphus in his last two years in office, deployed his intellectual prowess to excellently carry out performance audit report on the effective utilisation of funds released to federal agencies from the federal government asset recovery accounts from 2015-2020 in order to ascertain whether the funds were appropriately spent for their purposes.

Edache, a public affairs analyst, writes from Abuja.

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