Agitations in PDP borne out of concern for party, country’s growth – Atiku

Atiku Abubakar

The candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in next year’s presidential elections has said that the simmering agitations in the party are a reflection its credential as a democratic party.

In a letter to his supporters on Sunday, Atiku said he believed the agitations were borne out of a collective concern for the growth of the party and the country.

He, however, pledged as its presidential candidate to ensure do all he could to bring the party together under a formidable umbrella.

He said, “When PDP gets better, the hope is higher that Nigeria’s rescue is near.

“One of the characteristic attributes of democracy that I admire a lot is that it is a system with an intrinsic asset of crisis management.

“It becomes even interesting that perhaps the most noteworthy outcome of a democratic process is the greater possibility of conflict generation.

“So, a remarkable lesson that I have learned in politics is that in some instances, conflicts are healthy realities.

“I know, for instance, that when conflicts arise out of genuine concerns about having an inclusive political process, it signposts the viability of that process and, more importantly, the eagerness of stakeholders to be active participants in the success of such process.

“As leaders and stakeholders in the Peoples Democratic Party, the simmering agitations in our party are a reflection of our credential as a democratic party.

“Whatever our agitations are, I believe it is borne out of a collective concern for the growth of our party and the country. Therefore, I don’t see a divided house in the PDP. I see an opportunity for us to come together stronger and united.

“As a presidential candidate of the PDP, I shall ensure that I do my all to bring the party together under a formidable umbrella.

“We must not lose focus of the bigger purpose of rescuing the country from the hardship that fellow Nigerians continue to endure under the ruling party.

“When the PDP gets better, the hopes in Nigerians gets even higher that rescue is imminent.”

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