Agriculture minister goofed

Malam Nanono Agriculture Minister was appointed replaced the most experienced person in Nigerian politics, Chief Audu Ogbeh. Really, Ogbeh was there as agriculture minister empty handed because the real monetary objectives were not there, to implementing the egos of which such a radiant world acclaims in order to feed the nation sufficiently. Nanono the new bureaucrat who surely knew how the late Police Commissioner Audu Bako did his tenure with a radiant outlook especially the way and manner he handled agricultural revolution of all the corners of Kano state as it can be seen at Kura Local Government Area and of course, Bunkure and Dambatta Tomas Dam.

Really, Nanono has his own farm house that is why his admirers call him Sarkin Noma perhaps that is why shugaba Buhari chose him as the minister of agriculture to testing his abilities whether he could help the teaming Nigerians to escape the supposed famine as indicted by the experts worldwide. The famine is expected to penetrate into the sixteen northern states, Kano your own would be affected. You have recently said that, people are just talking about famine (Yunwa) to him Nanono, this is nonsense for famine is never in Nigeria.

To buttress his argument, the Minister cited some nations of the world where famine took root, especially India and Ethiopia, Mr. Minister did not do his home work well as Ethiopians famine was in 1976, and now. Regarding India, it has a population, that perhaps nearing to equate China; to this therefore, how could the Minister ever give example relating to Nigeria!

Nigeria is a big country and the poor people of India double the people of Nigeria but you will never see them begging in the streets of Nigeria how many of our people today beg for what they are to eat even within the localities of Kano State, is this not yunwa (hunger), Minister?

Now that, the Minister has come to Kano some time ago soliciting the support of Kanawa and even went to Kasuwar Dawanau to see the merchants of food there, will Na-no-no not think that, this was enough to bring back the respect he lost regarding his post and provoking statements on the people are not really hungry in Nigeria for only N30 food is enough for the whole day for an individual?

Mr. President, to my feeble mind, did appoint you not to provoke the Nigerian masses but to help in getting right solace and finding easy ways to get farming implements that would bring back Dalar Gyada back to the northern region and cocoa at south west while Manja at South-east.

I hope that, Mr. President listens to our advice and reshuffles his cabinet with immediate effect, taking Nanono from agriculture to mineral resources, so that, he will perhaps contribute his quota there and appoint an expert on agriculture so that Talakawa will feel at home. If Nanono remains there, I do believe that, there is nothing good that will yield agricultural revival in Nigeria.

It is time the federal government came to the aid of Nigerian masses. A stitch in time saves nine!

Comrade Ibrahim Abdu Zango,



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