‘Agriculture will give Nigeria more than oil if’…

If Nigeria’s agricultural potentials are harnessed, it is enough to given the country more than crude oil is currently giving and increase its gross domestic product (GDP) further.

The former Governor of Zamfara state and chairman of the national Coalition for Jonathan/Sambo presidency, Alhaji Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi, stated this recently while receiving a group, Niger Delta PDP Youth Movement in his residence in Abuja, saying the mineral resources deposit in Zamfara state alone is enough to feed the whole Africa for 50 years.

“You can see our GDP that we are the 26 biggest economy in the world, only that our per capital income is very low because of our population and that is not a problem. It is just that we are only depending on oil, if we harness agriculture, it can give us more than what we are getting from oil and our solid minerals even in Zamfara state alone can take care of the whole Africa for 50 years but we must unite first and develop our resources with our highly skill population. And at the rate we are going, by 2019 we will get there.

“Nigeria has human resources and Agriculture alone can take the country to greater height if we can develop and harness our agricultural resources, we still can take care of our population conformably and we can have the highest per capital in the world but now we are only depending on crude oil,” he emphasized.

On electricity, Shinkafi said there are so much development ongoing and that God’s willing by the end of this year Nigeria will be having about five to six thousand mega watt generation in the country.

On the insurgents, he said they are from foreign countries because nobody know what is wrong but the security forces are doing whatever it would,takes to bring peace to Nigeria, it is a matter of time we will experience peace.
Earlier, deputy president of the group, Barrister Alwell Ezebunwo, said the movement came together because of the urge for good governance, continuity and to ensure that Nigeria as an entity have peace and security.

“We are in dear need of good governance and with our membership drive standing at 9000 is a deliberate effort to ensure that come 2015 Niger Delta youth will be at the forefront of the Jonathan’s campaign,” he assured.

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