Ahead new season: Why 2022 NBA Finals are considered the best in years

Incredibly scintillating, exciting and extremely emotional playoffs – that’s how we can characterise the 2022 NBA Finals. It would be really useful for you to visit this website http://bookmaker-ratings.ng/ for the latest news, tips, articles explaining betting strategies and much more.

In this article, we simply analyse the games of the finals series for their fascination and understand why this final was the best in many years.

Reason #1: Because this was the first season without footnotes in the last 3 years.

In 2019 Golden State self-destructed on the way to the Finals, 2020 was the famous bubble season after which the league rushed everyone with the calendar to quickly start the next season, which turned out to be an injury season. In 2022, all the footnotes are out – the first full Finals and healthy opponents.

Reason #2: Because two legendary teams met

Suffice it to say, Boston shares historic first place with the Lakers in number of titles – 17, and Golden State could be third unconditionally, they officially had 6 titles, as did Chicago. But another thing was also important: “Golden State” is a dynasty, and as you know, the sports era isn’t that long, and there were almost no examples of a dynasty returning to the Finals after its peak.

Here you can only compare the Warriors to Jordan’s Bulls, who’d to take a forced break because of Michael’s departure, but this season they were rivals of Boston, whose path to the Finals was much more difficult: Brooklyn, who lost in the 2021 championship only because of Durant’s leg, the defending champion Bucks and with the Heat one of the best defences of the season.

Reason #3: Because it was a battle of the best

Steve Kerr revived Golden State and forced Curry to run the same combinations and play the same interactions. Ime Udoka failed in the first half of the season, but then his defensive concepts started to work and in the playoffs he hid first Durant and then Giannis, not to mention the Heat’s offence. There were many questions in the series: how would Boston open up the Warriors’ defence that could play in person in a quarter, how would Golden State defend against Boston’s wings, how would Pool hide on defence, how would the Celtics hold in time to trade for moves between Pool and Curry’s screens, and who was going to bring the team the title.

In the end, the Warriors successfully defended their championship with their 103-90 away win in Game 6. Despite leading the Warriors to the Finals in six of the last eight seasons and being one of the best players in the NBA for a decade, Curry had never won the Finals MVP title, despite winning two MVP trophies in the regular season.

Please, share your thoughts. What was most memorable for you this season?

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