Ahead Supreme Court judgement: Bishop raises alarm in Oyo, makes crucial declaration

The Presiding Bishop of Christ  Life Church, International, Sword of the Spirit Ministries , Bishop Francis Wale Oke, on Sunday called for a three-day prayers to avert moves and plans of agents of darkness towards causing chaos in Ibadan and Oyo state generally, ahead of the Supreme court judgement on the state’s governorship polls.

Bishop Wale Oke said this at a thanksgiving to mark this year’s Oyo state chapter of the National Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) held at the Sword of the Spirit Ministries, Convenant Arena, Parliament road, Agodi, Ibadan. 

According to Bishop Wale Oke, God had showed him the sinister moves and plans of the agents of darkness to cause chaos in Ibadan hence the need for the three days prayers to avert it.
“The forces are only waiting for something sinister or negative to happen at the Supreme Court. So, God said we should call for prayers for peace in the state. I am not for PDP. I am not for APC. But I am for God and I am for good governance in the state,” he said.

Bishop Wale Oke also said God has commanded him and the church to organise a three-hour fervent prayer for the state on Saturday November 30.

“I’m not for PDP. I’m not for APC. But I’m for God and I am for good governance in the state.

I have told Governor Seyi Makinde that if he fails to do what is right for the people, we will pray him out like others. I have told him that what I only need from him is good governance and he is trying his best. I have assured him that I will hold him by his collar to make sure he delivered to the people of Oyo state.

“When I heard that a commissioner driver and orderly dies from an attack, I told myself we don’t want that era again in Oyo state. There is no political position that is worth any man’s blood. So, we are calling for prayers and we want God to show his superiority and God will definitely do that. The prayer is not that of APC or PDP, it is to pray for the peace and progress of Oyo state.”

Speaking on the proposed hate speech bill, Bishop Oke frowned at having such bill at this particular time, saying, “Nigeria does not need such draconian law which is best seen as a means of stiffening the voice of opposition and freedom of expression in the country.”

“The issue of hate speech is an error from the National Assembly and we don’t want such draconian laws from our government.”

The Bishop then lauded the Nigeria Journalists for positive contribution to the country especially in ensuring the return and restoration of democracy in Nigeria.

He also assured Journalists that the Nigerian church would join them in the fight against corruption, nepotism and in defence of the nation’s democracy.

Oyo state NAWOJ Chairperson, Mrs Jadesola Ajibola while speaking commended the church for hosting the thanksgiving and that the association will continue to contribute positively to the society especially in curbing women and Child abuse in and across Oyo state and beyond.

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