Airtel unveils new roaming offering

Mobile network operator, Airtel Nigeria, said it had introduced a unique roaming package that will empower telecoms consumers to connect with business associates, friends and family members at discounted rates.
Coined Airtel Roam and Home, officials said the specialized bundle plan was designed to provide easy, convenient and affordable services to travellers who roam, offering free incoming calls and discounted roaming tariff by up to 90 percent.
According to Airtel, the new package is consistent with its vision to be the most loved brand in the daily lives of Nigerians, empowering telecoms consumers to roam at a discounted rate on 28 selected networks in 26 countries.

The bundle is a renewable monthly plan and available in the countries including top international destinations such as United Kingdom, United States, Canada, India, China, Dubai, South Africa and Israel, among many others.
Chief Commercial Officer of Airtel Nigeria, Maurice Newa, stated that through the package, Airtel Nigeria was poised to create unique and exciting experience for its customers who travel for business, trade, holiday, leisure, pilgrimage, festivities or other important activities.
Newa noted that roaming services are often very expensive and complex to activate hence the importance of providing convenience and ease to customers.
“Airtel Nigeria clearly understands the lifestyles of its highly valuable customers in Nigeria and we are positioned and able to deliver according to their needs. We are keen on contributing to the success of our customers and remain committed to providing unmatched, quality products and services to them.”

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