Aisha receives 145 Atiku support groups for Buhari

Wife of the President Aisha Buhari, has officially received into the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) about 145 Aggrieved Atiku Support Groups even as they declared to ensure victory for President Muhammadu Bubari in this week election.

Addressing the new converts Sunday in Abuja, the wife of the president, who was represented by the Chairman, central working committee of the Women and Youth campaign organisation, Buba Marwa, urged the support groups to sell the candidacy of president Buhari from door to do and also ensure that all the members get their PVCs to vote.

“We welcome you as part of the supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari with open hands. This is like a train leaving it station and you are able to catch that train before it goes. You people have taken the right decision and not a moment sooner. You have come onboard at the right time as your votes of your various organisations will count.

“You have agreed to support a person who is in impeccable in character, impeccable in leadership, impeccable in honesty, impeccable in patriotism and impeccable in compassion to Nigerians. This is one leader that is fighting corruption and he has said do as I do and not do as I say.

“So, speaking on behalf of the chairperson of the Women and Youth Presidential campaign team, Her Excellency Wife of the President Aisha Buhari, we are grateful to you all, we acknowledged this show of support.

“She (Aisha Buhari) specifically said I should pass the message that from here, we will integrate you into organisations that are relevant to your various state, Local governments, Wards and Units and you will go out there to campaign frim door to door taken full advantage of what you know of the government and performance of President Buhari.”

While giving reason on why they dumped Atiku Abubakar and the PDP to support the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari, Bello said: “It is instructive to assert or pontificate that the fight against corruption that has been identified as major problem of previous government are being well fought under President Mohammadu Buhari with global acknowledgement.

“We are glad to appreciate the good work of Mr. President and today, the roads are working, the rails are back on track, the agricultural sector which is the instrument of diversification is on course and the farmers can now smile to the banks, the social intervention policy i.e the N-Power Programme, the School Feeding Programme and the Trader Money Programme are well implemented with due diligence coupled with uncountable infrastructural development that are scattered across the country, especially in the power sector. 

“Therefore, we cannot afford to stand akimbo and aloof in the political space to allow rascals, hooligans and economic thieves who are professionally hollow, delinquent in leadership panache, nomadic in character and content to hold sway in the governance of Nigeria once again.”

Bello added that their despondency against PDP was borne out of “Atiku Abubakar disdainful treatment on support groups, which snow-ball into neglect, nepotic deployment, use and dump style coupled with lack of direction and reward management system made worse by the infusion and infiltration of people with questionable characters into his campaign train, whom were once upon a time responsible for the rape on Nigeria state and were also found culpable for the culture of gross impunity and social recklessness in the society.”

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