Ajaka’s audacity for Tinubu’s electoral win

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The Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Hon. Murtala Ajaka, is as an example in the leadership recruitment process for a new Nigeria in 2023 because of the ways he passes the message of Tinubu’s renewed hope. He makes direct contacts with his people through the door to door campaign strategy. He has shown over and over again that he shares the same political dreams with his party’s presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. And this underscores why he is solidly behind Tinubu both in his words and actions. He has shown severally that he is committed to the Tinubu agenda for renewed hope which is expected to go a long way in putting Nigeria on the path of socio-economic growth and development.

Ajaka is one of the politicians from Kogi state who is on ground walking his talk because he is deploying his personal resources and huge political structure in mobilising for the success of Bola Tinubu in the presidential election scheduled for the 25th of this month. His people are happy that his mobilisation efforts for the APC are bridging the social and economic gap through the empowering of his people especially the youths and women in his political base for Tinubu’s victory.

Make no mistake about it, Ajaka is the new kid on the block, making a point in the mobilisation of his people for the victory of the APC presidential candidate. The name Murtala Ajaka is now synonymous with a new political dispensation and a mission for the development of his people. Today, his mission in politics is the recruitment and support for a candidate that represents that renewed hope his people have long yearned for and he believes the candidate of the APC in the forthcoming presidential election represents that hope and needed to support to win.

Ajaka is being commended by his people for presently justifying the support for Tinubu’s victory at the grassroots because he feels the man has paid the price and made so much impact in diverse areas in the country particularly Lagos state that given the opportunity he would repeat it nationally impacting our national transformation for the good of all.

Ajaka is a politician that has himself passed through the crucibles of life and politics, surmounting the pangs of poverty and has now become a source of succour for many people through empowerment and his benevolence. His achievements and daring disposition had in time past drawn the envy and anger of his political foes who, as it were, felt threatened by taking him headlong. They however ended up meeting their waterloo in the process because he, like Tinubu, has always been by the side of his people who are his first concerns in politics.

His political lights have shown so brightly since then to the consternation of all because those who ran away with, and put a bet on, the belief that the Kogi state born deputy national publicity secretary of the APC would see his political light dim in the process, marking the end of the road for his political ascendancy, have long lost their deposits because Murtala Ajaka is today rising like a colossus.

That is the mindset he is taking into this campaign for Tinubu’s victory. His closeness to his people and frequent brainstorming with his league of panels was really reassuring for him because it is his greatest political asset deservingly. He has today not only taken the Kogi east political landscape by storm but his opponents were caught napping and this has paved the way for his political rise both at the local and national levels to the surprise of all.

Before now, Ajaka was seen as a mere journalist who just sauntered into the theatre of politics like the scarlet pimpernel, believing that his journalistic thoughts would guarantee him his quest in politics. But they are now disappointed because as it turned out, the innuendoes about his suitability for the positions he was aspiring to, all in a bid to whittle down his influence, damage his ego and ultimately rubbish his political career did not work because the impassiveness with which he took all the missiles thrown at him at that time was a marvel to both his friends and his political foes alike. However, when it was thought that he had been flattened, little did they know that the sky was his limit because he never retreated but stayed put to fine tune his strategies oiling his political machinery for a kill.

Ajaka has contributed about 50 vehicles which he personally distributed to the chairmen of the party in the local government areas and the Tinubu/Shettima campaign coordinators in the area to aid the effectiveness of the door to door campaign strategy employed to get the message of hope to every door. He has also led efforts in organising sensitisation rally in Kogi east senatorial district and the impact of these rallies as an earthshaking event that cannot be wished away in view of the electrifying effects of the rally in boosting support for Tinubu cannot be quantified in monetary terms. This rally is arguably showcasing a head count of Kogi east politics and its gladiators therein united in their resolve to see to the victory of the Tinubu/Shettima ticket and the affirmation of the resolve to vote massively for Asiwaju.

Ajaka is today making a political statement that will impact his people of the Kogi east senatorial district and indeed Kogi state in general in the near future. He is by this mobilisation and support for Tinubu’s presidential quest, engineering an unprecedented crowd of supporters for Tinubu by his grassroots mobilisation and endorsements of his candidate by all as their choice for the presidential election simply by using his personal tilt for this project unsolicited.

After each rally, the tales of those events continue to reverberate in Kogi east and beyond because apparently overwhelmed by the success of this mobilisation efforts, undecided voters have joined in the resolve to get the votes for the ticket all because of Murtala Ajaka.

Musa Wada,


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